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O'Connor Lecture

The Sociology Department's annual social-justice focused lecture sponsored by the O'Connor family. See upcoming talks and a list of past lecturers.

SocSource Archive

The Sociology Departments regular bulletin containing news, student perspectives, projects, and upcoming courses and events. Check out our past issues!

Senior Capstones 2023

A list of thesis titles and abstracts produced by the class of 2023. 


New: Sociology Concentrations!

The sociology department offers two areas of possible concentration for majors, each building on the core elements of the major. A concentration is not required for the major. For those interested, a concentration offers a guide to students seeking to specialize in the designated area while also signaling their expertise to potential employers and graduate schools. The concentration will be noted on a student’s transcript.

• Declared sociology major.
• An intended concentration must be declared before the start of the senior year. 
• Students may only choose one area of concentration.

Sociology Concentrations:
• Research Methods and Data Analysis Concentration
• Health and Society Concentration
Download the Sociology Concentrations Info Sheet (.pdf) to learn more.

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