O'Connor Grants

O'Connor Grants

The Sociology Department O'Connor Grants are funds to support student research and travel as well as other innovative projects. The project must be related to the theme of social justice, broadly conceived, that is, the maldistribution of economic resources, political power, and cultural respect as well as strategies to correct these inequities.

The department will fund a limited number of individual proposals of up to $500 each. Applicants must be declared sociology majors. Proposed projects may involve thesis research, but the department is willing to fund projects for other purposes as well. Projects involving research must be done under the supervision of a member of the Colorado College sociology faculty.

Proposals should include a detailed description of the proposed project, an explanation of its link to issues of social justice, a budget outlining the uses to which the funds will be put, a copy of your transcript, and - in the case of a research project - a supporting letter from the professor who has agreed to supervise it.

There will be 4 opportunities for you to submit your proposal: the first Monday of Blocks 2, 4, 5, and 8. Proposals should be sent to Marcella Mills, the Sociology Department staff assistant.

O'Connor Grant Proposal Guidelines

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