In addition to programs and events, the WRC also carries out a number of prevention and education initiatives to engage the campus community on topics like sexual violence, mental health, and substance use. Here you'll information about some recent and ongoing projects.

Consent @ CC Poster Campaign

The Consent@CC Poster Campaign was originally launched in the fall of 2018 as a competition with the intent of promoting consent narratives that are driven by students and representative of their experiences. This campaign aims to highlight the diversity of student experience as well as increase the visibility and prevalence of positive examples of consent. Submissions are exhibited each year in an installation for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April.


Failure and Resiliency Project

The Failure and Resiliency Project seeks to create a sense of community and belonging by shifting the perception of failure away from something to be avoided, and toward something to be embraced. Storytelling is a key part of the work to create this shift. In sharing stories of failure and vulnerability we create a sense of community and belonging; we challenge the myth that vulnerability is a sign of weakness rather than courage; we learn about ourselves and what is important and meaningful in our lives; we build empathy; we learn how to ask for help and advice; and we empower ourselves to take risks bravely. If you would like to talk with us about failure, rejection, set-back, vulnerability, or definitions of success, or if you would like to share a story.

The Press Project

The Press Project is a co-curricular program for CC students to learn about letterpress printing as a medium for social activism. It is motivated by the idea that socio-cultural engagement and wellness is integral to building and living in inclusive communities. Students in the Pres Project visit studios and view collections of activist art in Tutt Libary's Special Collections, and then learn the letterpress printing process in the Press at CC.

The Well Campaign

The Well Campaign is designed to promote the idea that wellness is a process-rather than being an end goal, wellness is something to continually strive for. The campaign builds on the holistic model of wellness to highlight five practices that help facilitate well-being: engage, relate, care, reflect, and rest. Signs corresponding to each phrase hang around campus prompting people to take a moment to think about well-being. The online component of the campaign involves photos of CC community members holding their favorite sign, captioned by their explanation of what well-being means to them. The Well Campaign also occasionally pops up at events like Pride Outside and the Sextival! For more information, click here!

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