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Student employment job description

Creative Assistant Producer

Project Assistant/Student Researcher

"When I began working for the State of the Rockies, I immediately learned the importance of the project. Combining research, information, and education to improve awareness of environmental issues in the Rocky Mountain West; State of the Rockies makes a difference. Since joining the team, I have been able to integrate my passion for art and graphic design with this mission. This summer, I am a project assistant for the team researching regrowth in the Waldo Canyon burn scar and a graphic designer for the Anthropogenic. I believe that no other job would allow me to work on projects that are as deeply important, interconnected, collaborative, and fun as the State of the Rockies!"  —  Macy McCauley '26 (from Loveland, CO),  Education major



Waldo Canyon Fire

Student Assistant Research Ecologist 

Waldo Job Card 2023

This summer, conduct a 20-year retrospect of the Waldo Canyon Fire.


Get paid to explore questions such as

  • Will Ponderosa pine go extinct in some of the most severely burned forests?
  • What species are coming returning?
  • What does their presence or absence mean from a socio-ecological perspective?

Light Pollution in the Rocky Mountain West: Beacon of Beauty

Student Artist-in-Residence


Explore and investigate the starscapes of the western night skies and the impact of light pollution on our lives.


Use your artistic storytelling and skills to communicate research questions. - More info to come!

Public Lands & Dark Skies Phase II

Dark Skies Public Lands Student Researcher 

PLS Job card 2023

The team will use Conservation in the West Poll-based interview questions created by the 2023 project team to build on summer 2022 survey results.


Passionate about the outdoors? Care about protecting our public lands? Think Dark Skies are a conservation concern? Interested in Anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues?

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