2011 Poll Results

The 2011 Conservation in the West Poll

The Conservation in the West Poll began in 2011 with a release of the results on February 23rd, 2011. The inaugural year of the Poll provided the first insight into the opinions of Western voters regarding conservation.

From the February 23rd, 2011 press release:

"A new bi-partisan poll of inter-mountain West voters shows that a strong majority (77 percent) believe that environmental standards and a strong economy can coexist. The findings, from the first-ever "Conservation in the West Survey," reveal differences and many points of agreement among voters on issues such as conservation, regulations, renewable energy and other environmental issues..."This research underscores an interesting and important trend in these five states," said Walt Hecox, Ph.D., professor at Colorado College and director of the State of the Rockies Project. "While there are differences of opinion on a range of issues, there are true common values shared between each state, including a commitment to protect the important natural resources that make this region so unique."

Information regarding the 2011 Conservation in the West Survey:

2011 Conservation in the West Poll Release- 2/23/2011
2011 Conservation in the West Full Report- 2/23/2011
2011 Conservation in the West Executive Summary- 2/23/2011


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