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Mental Health and Support Resource Flyer Local, national, and on-campus resources for Staff and Faculty covering mental health and domestic violence. 2/29/2024
Staff Evaluation Update The staff evaluation (now called Feedback Practices) process is changing. This update shares the specifics and links to training to support the change. 2/21/2024
Compensation Structure Changes We are in the process of changing our compensation structure to help with external equity. This update includes the new structure that we will implement later this year. 11/10/2023
Leave Changes Beginning January 1st, there will be several significant positive changes to our leave practices at CC. 10/31/2023
World Mental Health Day Resources available to support your mental health and wellness. 10/10/2023
People Practices Advisory Group Announcement of standing group to help design new HR Policies, processes and guidelines. 8/10/2023
Spotlight on Compensation
  • Summary of 2023-2024 compensation changes
  • Next steps in Compensation Structure review
Leading CC Announcement of a new leadership development cohort at Colorado College 8/16/2023

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Block 7
  • Benefits open enrollment
  • Performance conversation
Block 6
  • Mental health resources
  • Bridge trainings for performance conversations
Block 5
  • Compensation update
  • Information on Feedback Practices
  • Employee experience developments
  • Reflection activity
  • People Practices Advisory Group
  • Leave changes
  • Chasing Equity series
  • Update on Leading CC
  • Recruitment selection and onboarding
  • Tips for student loans
  • People Practices Advisory Group
  • Staff Compensation Open Forum
  • CC New (Orientation) updates
  • Changes to sick leave
  • Performance Management 
  • eBenefits changes
  • Annual compensation increase
  • Benefits highlight
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