Alumni Career Resources

TigerLink is the official alumni networking platform for Colorado College Alumni. TigerLink also hosts our alumni directory. Through this platform, you can connect with fellow alumni in your area, current students, and parents. Students are able to reach out directly to alumni for career insight, and we host our annual alumni student mentoring program through TigerLink.


New users can import an existing LinkedIn profile to save time in creating a profile for TigerLink. Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? No problem! You can create a profile on TigerLink by registering an email and completing the profile form.

More Ways to Connect – Join the LinkedIn Colorado College Official Alumni Group

Hire a Tiger

Alumni can post job opportunities for fellow CC alumni via TigerLink’s job board. Share or promote opportunities with fellow CC alumni even if you are not involved in the hiring process.

Student internships or opportunities for recent graduates should be posted to Handshake.

Alumni Career Coaches

Looking for guidance for your next career move or interested in developing your professional skills? Consider working with one of our vetted career coaches. Please note that the coaches are willing to offer discounted rates for ongoing coaching services for CC alumni but rates still apply. Prices will vary.

Thomas Modern '11

Thomas Modern

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interview prep
  • Professional branding
  • Upskilling
  • Project consultations
  • Mentorship, visioning, and accountability

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Marissa K. Nordstrom '91

Marissa Nordstrom

Areas of Expertise:

  • Holistic career coaching
  • Custom materials and copy
  • Tailored retreats

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Hallie Crawford

Hallie Crawford

Areas of Expertise:

  • Career direction
  • Career transition
  • Career planning
  • Resume/LinkedIn

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Jenny Suarez Kelnhofer

Jenny Suarez Kelnhofer

Areas of Expertise:

  • Mid-career professionals, VP and above
  • career transitioners
  • those looking to promote their competitive edge in pursuit of fulfilling work

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Career Resources

PathwayU provides assessments that will help you think about what is important to you and explore meaningful career paths. Alumni simply need to create a profile to access assessments and corresponding career suggestions.

the muse is a resource for curated articles regarding job searching, career development, and growth.

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