President’s Leadership Awards

The President’s Leadership Awards were established in 2017 to honor staff and faculty who embody leadership, service, innovation, courage, collaboration, community building, and diversity and inclusion. The award recipients are announced at Spring Conference each January and receive possession of a Heartwood Trophy for one year.

The Presidential Leadership Awards Program is run by the President’s Division with the help of the ADEI Leadership Team and the community. We remain committed to ensuring equitable practices are at the forefront – from the nominations to the selection process. The President’s Division will continue to welcome feedback to evaluate and improve the program as we all actively and collectively work together to institutionalize our ADEI commitment.

Award Recipients 23-24

Congratulations Award Recipients!


Brian Young Community Service Award

George Eckhardt, Campus Planner (In Memoriam)
*The Facilities Department holds the Brian Young Heartwood Trophy until Spring Conference 2025. Upon consultation with George's family, the monetary award of $2,500 was donated to The Woman's Educational Society in January 2024. 


Victor Nelson-Cisneros Diversity and Inclusion Award

Rosalie Rodriguez, Associate Vice President of Institutional Equity and Belonging


Glenn Brooks Innovation and Courage Award

Derrell Stinson, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Standards and Student Support


Jane Cauvel Collaboration and Community-Building Award

Mandy Sulfrian, Lead Academic Administrative Assistant for Geology

Award Recipient Demographics

Since 2017, we have been collecting demographic data on past honorees in order to provide better transparency about the internal work we are doing to make the awards more equitable. From 2017 through 2023, the honorees were described under the following categories.


Submit Your Nominations by 11/3

→ President's Leadership Awards Nomination Form ←


Nomination Criteria and Eligibility

Please nominate staff or faculty, as individuals or groups, who exemplify CC's leadership philosophy and have made outstanding contributions to the college. Nominations can be made for contributions that have taken place over a span of years or contributions that have been more recent. Whether you have a dedicated history with the college long term or are a new motivating force, an impact can be made at any time within the employee life cycle, and all contributions deserve recognition. Submission must be between 400-600 words on a word document or PDF file. If a nomination is outside this word count range, it will be returned to the nominator for revision and resubmission.

Nominations must be submitted through the application link above. Please write about examples and context relevant to the award you are submitting a nomination for. Questions to consider for each award can be found in the award descriptions below along with examples of past nominations.

Brian Young Community Service Award

Brian YoungThis awardee demonstrates a continued pattern of voluntary service to the college and exceeding their job duties, as demonstrated by former Vice President for Information Technology Brian Young. The awardee must have been employed by the college for five years or more. See past winners. [examples of winning nominations for the Community Service Award]


Do you know someone who has continuously given of themselves to the college above and beyond their assigned job duties — someone who embodies community service to students, or other members of the staff and faculty, of the college as a whole? 

Victor Nelson-Cisneros Diversity and Inclusion Award

Victor Nelson-CisnerosThis awardee exemplifies the qualities of former Associate Dean of the College Victor Nelson-Cisneros in supporting diversity and inclusion on campus. See past winners. [examples of winning nominations for the Diversity and Inclusion Award]


Do you know someone who makes a point of including diverse perspectives in meetings, conversations, and projects? Someone who is inclusive in planning for the future? Do you have a colleague who intentionally brings all of the right people to the table for decision-making and ensures those voices represent the college's community?

Glenn Brooks Innovation and Courage Award

Glenn BrooksThis awardee displays the courage and innovative qualities of former Dean of the College/Dean of the Faculty Glenn Brooks, who was one of the founders of the Block Plan. See past winners. [examples of winning nominations for the Innovation and Courage Award]


Have you worked with a unit on campus whose members are creative and innovative in approaching their work? Do you work with a group that doesn't assume business as usual is the best practice? A group who consistently thinks outside of the box and pursues excellence every day?

Jane Cauvel Cultivating Collaboration and Community-building Award

Jane CauvelThis awardee cultivates collaboration on campus and is a community-builder, as exemplified by Jane Cauvel, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, and the college's first ombudsperson. See past winners. [examples of winning nominations for the Collaboration and Community-Building Award]


Do you know someone who embodies the spirit of community building? Someone who builds and sustains bridges across units or between the faculty and staff? Do you know a team who uses collaboration as a foundational tool in their interactions with other units across campus?

The Heartwood Trophies

Reclaimed cross-sections from the trees taken down in the construction of Tutt Library, the Heartwood Trophies honor not only our people, but also our sense of place. Award recipients will have their names added to the growth rings and receive possession of a Heartwood Trophy for one year. Apart from the initial recognition and fortune that comes from being named recipient, rumors of luck and fortuity also surround the trophies. Recipients of years past reported the trophies increased office visitors, evoked pleasant memories, and made office plants grow. There was even a report that an honoree was never without a pen the year they had the trophy. 


Timeline and Process

Timeline, Selection Process and Awards

The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, Nov. 3, 2023 at 11:59 pm MST. After the close of the nomination window, committees will select award recipients based on overall scoring from weighted rubrics for each category. Award recipients and their nominators will be announced at Spring Conference on January 12, 2024.

In addition to honorees receiving the award, they will also be featured on the CC websites, a $2,500 cash prize will be distributed per category among recipients, their names will be engraved into the Heartwood Trophies, and they will have possession of a Heartwood Trophy for one year.



For questions about the awards program or the nomination process, please contact Monica Indrebo.

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