Past Summer Study Away Blocks

Why Look at Past Programs?

Summer Study Away returned after a 2-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 virus and global travel restrictions.  While many summer programs do not repeat every year, we hope this look at the programs offered in the past year helps you to understand the scope and diversity of offerings typically provided by Colorado College.  Using this information, you can get a sense of the variety of programs offered as well as the price range for the various program fees.  As inflation has been a factor in travel and lodging costs, we anticipate that 2024 programs will have slightly higher program fees. 


When will the 2024 Summer Programs Be Announced?

Off-Campus Blocks for Summer 2024 will be announced in early November.  At that time a new webpage will be added with information on each program.  The Summer Study Away Fair is scheduled for Thursday, November 30 and we would recommend that all students interested in summer study away attend the fair.  November 30 will also be the first day when online applications will be open. They will remain open through the January Half Block period before Block 5 begins.  Students are encouraged to apply on Summit during this period to maximize their potential to earn a Summer Block Away financial aid award.  Late applicants are far less likely to obtain an aid award due to demand for the limited pool of summer aid. 

Examples of 2022 & 2023 Summer Study Away Blocks

The unique history and culture of Bali are best understood through the arts, which connect past to present, self to community, and religion to reality.  The daily class schedule in Bali includes lectures and discussion of readings on Balinese culture, history, arts and the environment, followed by practical instruction in traditional music, dance, painting, and wood carving. 
Course Number(s): Music 222 / Asian Studies 250
Faculty: Prof. Made Lasmawan & Prof. Liz Macy
Offered: 2022 & 2023
Program Fee: $3,950 (2022), $3,300 (2023)
Through myriad multidisciplinary critical perspectives such as Black Feminism, Transnational Feminism, and Critical Race Theory, this course examines how the identities of Black, Jewish, Turkish, and LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as immigrants, refugees, victims of neo-Nazi terrorism, and police brutality, and other marginalized people are constructed in Germany, particularly how these constructions are dependent on racism, heterosexism, colonialism, and other forms of oppression. 
Course Number(s): Feminist & Gender Studies 214, German 220, Race & Migration 200
Faculty: Prof. Heidi Storl
Offered: 2022 & 2023
Program Fee: $2,250 (2022), $3095 (2023)
An intensive introduction to Portuguese language at one of the two levels.  THrough accelerated language study in the four modalities--speaking, listening, reading and writing--and home stays with Brazilian families, students will acquire an intermediate to advanced level in Brazilian Portuguese.  We will take field trips around the state of Bahia and students will explore the rich history of the colonial capital and Afro-diasporic center. 
Course Number(s): Portuguese 298
Faculty: Prof. Naomi Wood
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $3,650
Kierkegaard's work unfolded in close relation to his life, which was spent almost entirely in his home city of Copenhagen, Denmark, references to which populate even some of his most abstract theoretical texts. The course provides an introduction to Kierkegaard's writings, situated in the context of his life in mid-nineteenth-century Copenhagen, many features of which are still present in the city today.  We will visit many sites linked with Kierkegaard's life and work. 
Course Number(s): Philosophy 203
Faculty: Prof. Rick Furtak
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $3,910
This study abroad course will look at hte history of colonialism, human rights abuses, and environmental destruction in the Amazon, while highlighting the efforts of the indigenous movement and environmentalist allies to reverse exploitation and forge new futures with new and traditional technologies. 
Course Number(s): Anthropology 208
Faculty: Prof. Josh Holst & Prof. Alberto Hernandez-Lemus
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $3,100
Spend a month reading Homer's Odyssey while sailing on the crystal blue Aegean Sea and visiting important sites on the Greek islands and mainland.  Using Homer as a guide, learn about a thousand years of ancient Greek civilization and the intersection of history and myth.  Amazing views, amazing people, amazing experiences, and, of course, amazing stories. 
Course Number(s): Comparative Literature 121/English 280
Faculty: Prof. Lisa Hughes & Prof. Barry Sarchett
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $4,225
This course centers on student participation in archaeological excavations at Shikhin, an ancient Jewish village in the Galilee region of Israel.  Through this field experience, students will gain training in essential methods and theories of archaeology as well as insights into the history, culture, politics, and economics of the region during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. 
Course Numbers: Religion 200/Anthropology 208/Classics 200/History 222
Faculty: Prof. Pamela Reaves
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $4,500

This course explores the spectacular remains of Greek and Roman antiquity as well as the legacy of the classical tradition in Italy.  We survey the art and architecture of Greece and Rome from their origins in the Bronze Age to their transformation in the late Roman Empire.  Our journey includes stays in Rome and the bay of Naples, where we voyage down the Amalfi Coast to the Greek colony of Paestium, sail to the island of Capri, and later visit the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Course Number(s): Classics 223/Art History 207/History 200

Faculty: Prof. Richard Buxton & Prof. Sanjaya Thakur

Offered: 2022 & 2023

Program Fee: $4,750 (2022), $5,000 (2023)

Experience firsthand the spaces and places of Italian filmmaking and film festivals, from Rome & Bologna to Turin & Ponza Island.  The course will serve as an introduction to the panorama of Italian cinema from the post-World War II period until the present day. Students will view and discuss masterpieces of modern Italian film, become familiar with the exemplary directors an artists of the era, and identify the distinguishing characteristics of notable cinematic movements and genres.  This course includes attendance at two international film festivals in Bologna. 
Course Number(s): Italian 320/Film & Media Studies 200
Faculty: Prof. Carla Cornette
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $4,800
In this course, we will study childhood as it is imagined and constructed in Italian Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Steiner Schools by visiting elementary schools from each of these pedagogical models, as well as a traditional Italian elementary school, to talk with and learn from school administrators, teachers, public scholars, and disability rights scholar-activists. We will study the social and political contexts during which these pedagogical approaches were formed, and the problems their founding theorists sought to answer. We will then examine how these pedagogies made their way to the United States, and the ways in which they have been interpreted, and sometimes appropriated, to construct and reproduce a narrative of childhood that idealizes the child in progressive schoolings as wealthy, white, and non-disabled. 
Course Number(s): Education 250
Faculty: Prof. Nickie Coomer
Offered: 2023
Program Fee: $3,900
This course focuses on the intersection of Japanese culture, food, and literature. This is an interdisciplinary course designed to integrate perspectives on the history, aesthetics, practices and tastes of food in Japan.  It encourages analytic thinking and effective expression on food and culture as they are experienced and expressed in Japan’s past and present. The topics covered will range from food production and consumption to religious and artistic representations and the construction of cultural identities.  We will spend time in the following cities: Tokyo, Fujiyoshida (at the base of Mount Fuji), Omi Hachiman, Kyoto, and Hiroshima.
Course Number(s): Japanese 340/Asian Studies 350
Faculty: Prof. Joan Ericson & Prof. Jim Matson
Offered: 2023
Program Fee: $3,100
In this course we will strive to learn from the perspectives of our hosts, the Maasai people at the Dopoi Center, adjacent to the Maasai Mara Natural Preserve in Southwest Kenya. The course will explore the complex relationship between Indigenous communities and the State under colonial and postcolonial conditions; the way in which the bases for global capitalism that were laid down during the European colonization of the Americas and of Africa endure and continue to produce effects in the age of present-day globalization; the role of Indigenous communities in preserving the natural environment, in a world where the natural environment is conceived and treated as a tourist commodity; and the non-neutral concepts of “progress” and “development” and the ways in which the Maasai people conceive and implement alternatives.
Course Number(s): Philosophy 203
Faculty: Prof. Alberto Hernandez-Lemus
Offered: 2023
Program Fee: $3,900
This class will introduce students to the work of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries by experiencing productions of his works and by exploring the cities and the countryside where he lived and wrote.  In addition to introducing students to the particular constraints and demands of the theatrical medium, and to the cultural particularities of early modern England, we will attend a number of productions and thus seek to raise the question of how a dramatic text has (and can be) adapted. 
Course Number(s): English 225 or English 405
Faculty: Prof. Steven Hayward
Offered: 2022 & 2023
Program Fee: $3,750 (2022), $3,750 (2023)
This interdisciplinary course will travel (by van, short helicopter shuttle, and mostly on foot) through the heart of the Manaslu area, learning about the culture of the indigenous ethnic Tibetans of Kutang and Nubri, and a handful of other ethnic groups that have settled in the area.  We will answer questions such as how do the physiography, climate, and biological diversity of the landscape present opportunities and constraints to people's livelihoods?
Course Number(s): Environmental Studies 120
Faculty: Prof. Miro Kummel
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $3,340

Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, with trips to Prague and Budapest, this interdisciplinary course critically examines the transformation of Central European societies after the communist era. 

Course Number(s): Political Science 2023
Faculty: Prof. John Gould
Offered: 2022
Program Fee: $3,000
Our program has its base in Soria, a small and tranquil city in the region of Castile, 140 miles north of Madrid.  Classes will take place in a recently renovated convent at the Centro Internacional Antonio Machado.  Students will live with host families and participate in city life during the two blocks of classes.  Additionally, the program will provide excursions to various cities such as San Sebastian, Madrid, and Segovia. 
Course Number(s): Spanish 111/211/305/306
Faculty: Prof. Carrie Ruiz (Director)
Offered: 2022 & 2023
Program Fee: $6,550 (2022), $6,600 (2023) -- This course is 8 weeks long and provides 2 units/blocks of coursework. 

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Summer Block Away Basics

Take advantage of summer to explore a new field of study, enhance your major, and explore new places, new cultures, and new ideas.  Colorado College's Summer Blocks Away provide students with the opportunity to take their education off campus and out into the world.  Each of the programs listed here is a faculty-led CC course, within each department's curriculum and not requiring transfer of credit.  Students who receive need-based aid may be eligible for financial aid up to 90% of the program fee and estimated cost of round trip airfare (Denver-Destination).  All students are eligible for a Wild Card, to remove the charge for summer tuition if this summer course is their first at the college.  

Learn more about summer blocks in general at our Summer Blocks Overview page, or read up on how program fees and aid work on our Billing & Financial Aid page for summer blocks.  And, as always, feel free to reach out to Global Education or to the faculty contacts listed for each program to get more information about any of the blocks offered this summer. 

Applications on SUMMIT for our Summer Blocks will be open from December 1st through January 31st.  All students who apply during this period and are approved to join a program will automatically be reviewed for a potential aid award. Notification of aid will be made before the February 15 withdrawal deadline.  While some programs may accept new applications after the January 31 deadline, this is not guaranteed as many programs will fill their rosters and waitlists at that time.  Additionally, aid may not be available to students who apply after the January 31st deadline.
APPLICATION & FINANCIAL AID:  Apply on the Global Education SUMMIT site between Block 4-Half Block (Late November to Late January) for full aid consideration.  While some programs may accept late applicants, many may fill their rosters and waitlists from the initial pool and late applicants risk not be approved for the program or for aid.  Students who apply during the primary application window  will be reviewed for aid eligibility and will be notified of their aid status prior to the March 15 withdrawal deadline.  Aid awards can range from 20% to 90% of the anticipated program cost, which includes the program fee and anticipated airfare charges.  For the 2-block Spain program, aid can also apply to the 2nd block of tuition billed for the program. 

TUITION & THE WILD CARD: All summer courses have a summer tuition charge in addition to program fee for the off-campus course.  In 2023 this charge was $6,000 per course. We anticipate the same rate for 2024.  If a summer 2024 course is the first summer course taken by a student at CC, the Wild Card will automatically be applied to the student's account. This grant offsets the tuition charge for 1 block of summer coursework, acting essentially as one tuition-free summer course.  The Wild Card does not impact the program fee for the course and cannot be applied to any charges other than CC summer tuition for the first summer course in which a CC student enrolls. 

WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE:  Students who apply to, and are accepted into a summer block away may withdraw up until March 15 with no financial commitment to the program.  After that date a withdrawal can result in a portion of the program fee being charged to the student.  Nonrefundable or Billed charges will increase closer to the program's departure date.  See our Billing & Finances page for full details. 

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