Courses Sequence


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Surface Geology GY305, GY315, GY320, GY335

Subsurface Geology GY305, GY310, GY315, GY360

Physical Geology GY305, GY315, GY320, + one

Geochemical GY310, GY335, GY360, + one


Additional Information

All majors must pass courses listed in categories A through G below with a grade of C–/S or above


Outside Credit

AP Credit

  • AP credit (score 4 or 5) is accepted as a replacement for up to two of the Natural Science Breadth courses (CH107, MA117, MA126, PC241)
  • 1 AP credit can be applied to MA117 OR MA126, not both
  • One needs the consent of their Geology Advisor or Chair
  • While additional AP credit cannot cover the remaining Natural Science Breadth courses, students may select the next higher course in the department's sequence.

Study Abroad

  • Off-campus may substitute for one required and one elective major course
  • Students must submit a written request that justifies the substitution to the department chair
  • Requests will be considdered by the Geology Faculty and must be approved before course substitution(s) are accepted

Study Abroad Suggestions

New Zealand Frontiers - 5 week filed program + Campus semester at the University of Canterbury

ACM Spring semester in Costa Rica (Spanish Required)

Edinburgh, DIS Denmark, Study Abroad in Scandinavia

SEA Semester

Thinking about Grad School?

The department strongly urges students to take additional courses in geology, environmental science, mathematics & computer science, chemistry, physics, and biology, and/or the GY400 Collaborative Research Seminar in Geology.

In summer, important academic and professional opportunities include a geology field camp offered by a university program, an internship that offers career and employment experiences, or/and field or laboratory research opportunity with a CC Geology professor or off-campus program.

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