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General Timeline for Senior Capstone Research - Printable version

Research Options for Geology Majors


Work with faculty advisor

Submit research proposal

Research work beyond a block, usually over a summer and semester

Take GY405 Thesis block (up to 2)

Presentation at Geoday

Final Product: written document that follows strict format that is published in the Colorado College Library after completion


Work with faculty advisor

Submit research proposal

Research work can be beyond a block, but is not required

Take a GY405 project block

Presentation at GeoDay

Final Product is what makes the most sense for your project

Research Deadlines

  • Block 3, 2nd Monday Senior Research Proposals Due - Final Draft
  • Block 5, 1st Monday First draft of Introduction, study area, previous work, Methods, and Figures due to advisor
  • Block 6, 4th Wednesday Complete draft of research paper due to advisor
  • Block 7, 2nd Saturday GeoDay!
  • Block 7, 2nd Friday Complete revised draft due to advisor and 2nd reader
  • Block 8, 4th Friday Library and other copies of theses due, Final projects due

How Do I Write a Research Proposal?

Detailed Proposal guidelines (p.3)

A senior thesis proposal is a short document that describes the research project one plans to carry out. It must include:

  1. Introduction includes review of supporting literature
  2. Summary of completed work
  3. Methods section that outlines proposed work
  4. Schedule for proposed work
  5. Bibliography: Download ZOTERO which works with Word to build bibliography for you while you’re writing

Journal article example

Arias, O., and Denyer, P., 1991, Estructura geológica de la región comprendida en las hojas topográficas Abras, Caraigres, Candelaria y Río Grande, Costa Rica: Revista Geológica de América Central, no. 12, p. 61–74.

GSA Reference Guidelines and More Examples 


Proposal Review

Once the research proposals are Submitted, faculty will review and evaluate proposals based on the content, writing, and feasibility. After all proposals are reviewed your faculty advisor will approve the proposal or return it for further edits or revision. 


Final Writing Evaluation

Final Paper/Geoday Presentation Rubric pdf


2nd Saturday of Block 7, Geology research presentation day starts at 8:30am with catered breakfast and includes poster sessions, student presentations, and department awards and announcements.

Abstracts - Due Mid-March

A short concise summary of the scope, content, and findings of your capstone research projects. Mandy will send out further details to those presenting.

Poster Guidelines

Includes Abstract, Background information, geologic context figure, (brief) methods, results, conclusion, references

Presentation Guidelines

15 minute presentation - practice with a timer is highly recommended

Includes title, research questions, study site, geologic background, impitus for research (why should we care?), methods and results, conclusions, future work, and gratitude



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