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Baca Campus

Black Writers in France

Brett Bustos Yachetssy Final Project

Canterbury Trip


EN 329 Milton

Stories of Caring

Shakespeare Trip

Classes at the Baca Campus

English classes often go to CC's Baca Campus for part of a block.

Black Writers in France

The course EN385: Black Writers in France is taught by Professor Claire Garcia in Paris, France.

The World of Odysseus: History and Myth

CL222/CO220/HY200: The World of Odysseus: History and Myth is a Summer Session course taught in Greece by Professors Lisa B. Hughes and Barry Sarchett. The slideshow features photos from the course final project put together by Brett Bustos '13.

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: A Pilgrimage to Canterbury

Professor Regula Meyer Evitt took students to Canterbury, England in the summer of 2008.

First Year Experience: Concepts of Freedom, Ancient to Modern

Near the end of the first block of their two-block FYE, Professors John Simons (English) and Timothy Fuller (Political Science) took students to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. Class was held on the deck in the morning, followed by a relaxing afternoon in the natural hot springs.

EN329: Milton

Students in EN329: Milton's Paradise Lost complete their block-long project of reading the entire poem out loud with an outdoor reading of Book XII.

EN381: Faulkner

Professor Barry Sarchett's class on the writings of William Faulkner spent one week in Oxford, Mississippi. The photo shows students in front of Faulkner's home, Rowan Oak.

Staging Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

English students and professors spent a week in March 2008 in residence at the American Shakespeare Center's Blackfriars Theatre in Staunton, VA, seeing 5 plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The class, taught by Professor Genny Love, also participated in workshops, lectures, tours, and rehearsal observations.

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