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We engage exceptional students who think critically, analytically and creatively, with intellectual competence and confidence, by leveraging the advantages of the Block Plan and drawing on the art and science of the discipline, at home and abroad, for now and for life.


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The four majors offered by the Economics & Business Department are:

If you wish to declare over the summer, please email Sophie Braker, Academic Administrative Assistant. Please understand that over the summer the process will be slower. However, Sophie can meet with you over Zoom. 

Before the meeting, please get acquainted with the requirements for the major you are declaring and prefill the Major Declaration form as much as possible (do not click submit before meeting with the paraprof or the admin. assistant). During the meeting, the department's staff will go over the form with you and assign you an advisor.

We look forward to welcoming you into the department!


You can ask any faculty to be your advisor, and you can change advisors as well - it happens that you realize another faculty member may be a better fit. Believe us when we say it's fine to request a change. The faculty will support your decision!

To officially change your advisor, complete the change of advisor form with the Registrar's Office. To complete this form, you must obtain signatures from both your previously selected advisor and your newly chosen advisor. 

If you haven't declared your major, now is the time to do it! We are unable to approve classes toward your major if you are undeclared. Please follow the steps below to ensure you are in the best position to study abroad.

  1. Check out our list of study away programs that offer approved Economics & Business courses. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point if you are interested in building your study abroad experience around economics and business. 
  2. Set up a time to talk with your academic advisor in the Economics & Business department, to define how study abroad can fit in to your overall degree progress and plan, when the best time might be to go, and what sorts of classes you would like to try and fulfill while on your semester or year away program.
  3. Visit the Credit Transfer Overview page on the Global Education site to understand in-depth information on how to find programs abroad or away from CC that will work for your academic plan, and how courses transfer back to CC. 
  4. Obtain a full syllabus for any Economics & Business courses you plan to submit through Summit to request departmental/Chair approval to count towards your major, as a syllabus is required. Prepare rationale for why you want to take those specific courses at this location
  5. Complete the appropriate study abroad application in SUMMIT, by or (recommended) well before the published deadlines
More guidance on study abroad:

The Economics & Business Department won’t approve courses taken off-campus towards the major or minor if you are not declared yet, so declaring is the first step. Please make sure to also see the “Study Abroad” section of the Economics Department's homepage

We accept some relevant coursework from accredited institutions of higher education in lieu of courses completed at CC within the major done during a Study Abroad or Study Away experience. Students are required to ask for course approval before they enroll, so that we may devote faculty time to verifying and documenting each case. Students may request pre-approval on Summit for planned coursework on a Study Abroad or Study Away program to count towards ECON/ME/BESoc/IPE requirements using the Course Approval Form on the required application for Off-Campus Study.

For courses to count as 300-level EC electives, they must generally have Macroeconomic Theory (EC302) and/or Microeconomic Theory (EC301) as prerequisites. Courses with Principles of Economics (EC100) as the only prerequisites are almost always approved as 200-level Economics electives. The Department does not give credit for online learning experiences or internships, and we do not give credit for EC301, and EC302 taken elsewhere during a Study Abroad or Study Away experience. We limit the total number of economics and business courses taken during a Study Abroad or Study Away experience which count toward the major to four.

For a list of approved programs of potential interest to Economics & Business students, see the Advising Guides page.

Visit Christina Rader, Department Chair, during her office hours in Palmer 101-B. Office hours vary by block:

  • Teaching Blocks: Daily, 2:00-3:00 PM
  • Non-Teaching Blocks: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:00-3:00 PM
  • For reference, see the Christina's teaching schedule by navigating to the current academic year under the "Teaching Schedule" tab at the top of this page.
If these office hours do not work, make an appointment with Christina at this link:
  • The opportunity to apply for the $500.00 Skilling Award is offered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Visit the Skilling Award page for full details
  • Important! Students presented with a Skilling Award will present research projects during the Senior Research Symposium in the spring semester prior to leaving campus and/or graduating.

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