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Comparative Literature Course Grid 2020-21

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Block 8 

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CC120 First-Year Writing Seminar: Psychoanalysis and Literature: Journey to the Dark Side of the Psyche


[Associate Chair's Block-GREAL] 

GR305 German Composition and Conversation

CO131/GR220/GR320/MU228 Literature, Texts, and Media: Romantic Encounters w/Michael Grace

CO431 Senior Thesis


CO250/EN250 Introduction to Literary Theory


CC101 Critical Inquiry Seminar: Literature, Food, and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean


CO131/FM205 Literature, Texts, and Media: Greek Myth and World Cinema


CC101 Critical Inquiry Seminar: Literature, Food, & Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean


CO300/EN380 Greek Island Pastoral: Shakespeare to  Mamma Mia! (in Greece)


CO121/EN280 Literature, Place, and the World: Greek Characters


CO121 Literature, Place & the World: World of Odysseus (in Greece)



CC101 Critical Inquiry Seminar: Environmental Crisis & the Anthropocene in Global & World Literature


AR201 Intermediate Arabic 


CO130 Literature & Contemporary Issues: Reading the World Through Contemporary World Literature

AR320/CO300/RM200 Anglophone-Arab & Arab Literature in the Diaspora

AR320/CO300 Activism, Violence and Resistance in the Middle East and North Africa

AR101 Elementary Arabic

*AM and PM*

CO300 Topics in Comp Lit: Calling for Change: Literary Activism & Social Movements in the Global Present


CC101 Critical Inquiry Seminar: Translation: Mediating Texts 

[Chair's Block-Comparative Literature] 

 CO430 Thesis Preparation 

CO255 World Literature/Comparative Literature 

CC120 First-Year Writing Seminar: Intertextuality: Who Tells the Story?


David Foster Wallace

Other Depts 



Indigenous Peoples of North America and the Russian North

Khan  and  Leza

CO300/FR310/FM205 Literature and Film


CO300/IT320/EN381 Come to Hell: Dante & His World/Our World


CO300/TH200  Samuel Beckett  Lindblade

CO300/EN311  Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: The Continental Connection Evitt


PH203 Life of the Soul Dobson and Riker

CO200/GR220/ GR320/FM205

Berlin in Film Steckenbiller

CO391/EN306 Advanced Literary Theory: Post-critique & the Return to Literary Form


CO200/CL220/FG220 Myth and Meaning Dobson

CO300/EN370/FR316  Frankenstein  and  The Hunchback of Notre Dame Richman and Tallent


Discovering the Unconscious: Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy


CO300/TH328 Theatre and the Politics of Action Lindblade

CO300/EN380 Caribbean Voices


CO200/PH263 Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Theory & Practice (in Chicago) Dobson and Riker

CO200/PS235 Shakespeare's Political Wisdom

J. Grace

CO300/EN310 Race and Gender in Medieval Romance


CO200/PH203/HS218 Psyche, Symbol, Dream. C.G. Jung and Archetypal Psychology

La Prade

CO200/EN280 Introduction to Post-Colonial Literature Islam

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