Competitive Communications

Competitive Communications offers training and competitive opportunities for students interested in Speech, Debate, Mock Trial, and Model United Nations. All of our programs provide students an opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, research, argumentation, oral communication, leadership, and listening. Additionally, students will develop cultural sensitivity and awareness, a nuanced understanding of current events and political processes/systems, and knowledge of how communication can be used to foster different types of relationships. 


Please check out our Impact Report

The Impact Report is a summary of the notable events and accomplishments that occurred in the past academic year. We are very proud of our growing program. The goals for our teams were designed to promote and implement team cohesion, retention, and unification in all three competitive programs. As we celebrated the expansion and diversity of all of our student teams (now encompassing approximately 50 students) we updated and improved performance and peer-training strategies in on-campus programming. Our new programming encouraged constructive discourse outside of competition in meaningful ways through public forum discussions and post-event dialogues at the Competitive Communications House.

Debate: Woke or Broke Culture

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The Competitive Communications House is located at 822 N Weber St.

We can be reached via telephone at (719) 389-6357, or via email.