Social Media Registration

Social media is a convenient, engaging, and impactful communication tool. In order to protect the Colorado College brand and avoid situations that result in damage to the reputation of the college (in addition to legal, HIPPA, FERPA, and NCAA compliance), social media accounts must be registered with the Office of Communications & Marketing.

All Colorado College-affiliated social media accounts must be registered to be considered for inclusion in the college’s official Social Media Directory. Registering your account not only gives you added exposure but also access to ongoing updates, assistance, and training opportunities. Once your accounts are registered, your content can be shared and your profiles can be tagged by the main CC social media accounts.

If you are interested in creating a new social media account for your department/office/program, please review important information before you get started. If are already using social media for your department/office/program and you need assistance meeting the requirements listed below, please contact the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Registered accounts should follow basic branding standards for representing CC. Before registering your account, please ensure the following:

  • You have read and understand CC’s Social Media Guidelines.
  • The term “CC” or “Colorado College” is included in both your profile name and social handle, which are as similar as possible across each platform, and your program/department name is spelled out (space permitting). "Colorado College" with a link to the main CC social media account for that platform is included in your bio/about section.
  • Your social media profiles are complete and follow Colorado College’s visual identity and style guide, including the bio/about section, cover photos, and social media avatar (profile picture).
    • Note: Avatars will be created and provided to you by the Office of Communications & Marketing.
  • Your social media accounts have been active in the last month and publish on a weekly basis.

Campus accounts that are registered with the Office of Communications & Marketing are considered official CC social media accounts and are expected to represent the college at all times. Our office will frequently monitor these accounts to ensure they remain reflective of college values and continue to meet the standards referenced in CC’s Social Media Guidelines.

To register, please fill out the form below.

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