Accessible Formats of Text

Students who have disabilities that affect their ability to read standard print materials may be eligible for accessible formats of text. 
Accessibility Resources offers a variety of accessible formats of text such as audio, e-text, large print, and braille.
  • The student must complete the Accessible Formats of Text Agreement annually in AR Online Services.
  • The student must be enrolled in the course for which the accessible format is requested.
  • The student must select accessible formats as an accommodation for a specific course in AR Online Services.
  • Information on textbooks and other materials required for each course can be obtained from the professor or the CC Bookstore.
  • It is recommended that students preview books via Amazon or publisher websites to determine if books are needed in an accessible format.
  • If the student prefers to acquire or purchase a digital copy of books independently, a variety of services are available. Many digital texts can be located, at no cost, through Project Gutenberg, Online Books Page and, Librivox, and Lit2Go.
  • Accessibility Resources can provide students with Read&Write software that can be used for document conversion and text-to-speech functions.
  • To request materials in an accessible format from Accessibility Resources, complete a work order via AR Online Services for each item that is needed. A video tutorial provides instructions on how to submit a work order.
  • Accessibility Resources will acknowledge each request within one week of receipt of the work order. The student will be notified of the status of the request via AR Online Services and the student's CC email account.
  • The student should allow sufficient time for Accessibility Resources to acquire and/or produce accessible formats. The turnaround time to create accessible formats varies with the subject matter, length of the work, and the quality of the book or other materials being scanned. Therefore, students are asked to submit requests as early as possible—preferably two weeks prior to when the materials are needed. If students do not make requests in a timely manner, there may be delays in receiving the accessible formats.
  • If an accessible version of a book is not available from outside vendors, Accessibility Resources may need to scan the student's book in order to create the accessible format. If this is the case, the binding will be removed from the book and it will be rebound with a spiral binding.
  • When an accessible format is ready for use, Accessibility Resources will provide the student with information for pick-up and/or delivery options via the student's CC email account.
  • Due to copyright laws, students are required to purchase, when applicable, books and/or other materials they request in an accessible format and may be asked to present proof of purchase to Accessibility Resources.
  • Accessible formats provided by Accessibility Resources are solely for the student's educational purposes and, in accordance with copyright law, may not be copied, shared, or distributed. Failure to abide by this may constitute a violation of the Colorado College Honor and Community Standards and could result in disciplinary action.
  • When applicable, students are required to return accessible format materials and equipment at the end of the block in which they are being used or when the materials are no longer needed for the student's educational purposes.
  • The student should inform Accessibility Resources if the requested accessible format is no longer needed.
  • The student should contact Accessibility Resources at any time if assistance is needed in requesting accessible formats.

Students may find that reading time increases when using accessible formats. Simply listening to books is not effective for most students. Students must be prepared to actively participate in the process, which includes reading the printed text while listening to the audio version, previewing the text, taking book notes, reviewing the material, and using other learning strategies. This level of activity allows students to derive the maximum benefit from accessible formats.

Oftentimes, it can take new users of accessible formats of text several blocks to effectively use this accommodation. Students must consider carefully whether they wish to make the time commitment this accommodation requires. For students who have not had experience using audio formats, a trial experience with one or two book selections is highly recommended.

For additional information on accessible formats of text or other accommodations and services, please contact Accessibility Resources.

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