Study Carrels and Lockers

  • Fourth-Year students may reserve a numbered study carrel or locker for individual use by signing up at the Circulation Desk on the first day of each Block and subsequent days if open carrels are still available. Must have Gold Card when signing up.
  • No carrel reservation is allowed for Half Block, Interims when classes are not in session, or during Spring Break. Students are welcome to use carrels during these times but cannot keep material at the carrel.
  • Carrels and lockers may be renewed for the following block at the Circulation Desk only during the last three days of the current block. Carrels are cleared of any material that is not renewed during block breaks.
  • No carrel or locker renewal is allowed at the end of Block 4. Students may reserve a carrel or locker for Block 5 only on the Monday when Block 5 classes begin.
  • The following materials may not be checked out or kept on a study carrel or locker: reference books, periodicals, bound theses, or "Library Use Only" items.
  • Food is not allowed at carrels or in lockers. Drinks are allowed in covered containers only. Study materials should be maintained to allow custodial staff to clean under and around carrel.


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