Who Are We?

In the Department of Human Biology and Kinesiology (HBK) we seek to understand the biology of the human body in multiple ways. We use the study of anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics, and physiology to examine how our bodies function. This multi-disciplined approach allows our students to learn and focus on content that they choose with a set backbone of courses that provide a general insight into these disciplines. While there is great depth to the knowledge of these fields, we seek to provide students with an overview in a five-course minor.

Human Biology and Kinesiology


HBK on the Block Plan

In the HBK department we seize the opportunities that the block plan (link) allows. Professors in our department are able to independently design each block which allows for hands-on research and lab opportunities.

Lab Courses

Here at Colorado College we are able to offer some unique lab opportunities to undergraduate students. Students in Advanced Anatomy courses are given the opportunity to dissect and learn simultaneously for a hands-on approach to in-depth anatomy in our human anatomy lab. This dissection then allows students in Introduction to Human Anatomy to view human anatomy while learning the basics of the human form.

In our physiology and kinesiology classes, students utilize state of the art equipment to test different facets of human physiology and movement. These labs include electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring and interpretation, cardiac output extrapolations, biomechanical gait analysis, pulmonary testing, resting and exercise metabolic analysis, in addition to a variety of cardiorespiratory, anaerobic capacity, and power tests. 



Students have the opportunity to spend a block conducting research under the guidance of a professor in the department preparing them for a future in human-based research or providing an opportunity to delve into the scientific literature topics of their interest. Research is conducted on an individual basis and students must notify a professor of their interest in research before applying for these blocks.

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Accessibility Statement

The fields of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology have historically and continue to be exclusionary towards many groups of people. We as a department are working towards including the voices of people of color, women, non-binary, and disabled people. All students are welcome in this department regardless of race, gender, or ability. Should you require accommodations for any course we urge you to contact accessibility resources and contact us with any concerns you may have prior to registering for a course so that we can ensure that you are accommodated and feel supported in the classroom and lab environment.

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