Additional Lab Expenses

In addition to required textbooks (which can be obtained at the College Bookstore), you will have to obtain safety goggles (not glasses), a bound lab notebook and a laboratory manual. All of these items are available in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Stockroom. Some courses may require a lab coat, which may also be obtained at the Stockroom. Lab coats and goggles are transferable across courses, whereas the laboratory manuals are unique to each course taught. Typically, lab notebooks may be used across most courses. Currently, the Stockroom accepts the following methods for payment: Cash, Check or CC Gold Card Plus. Additionally, students will be held responsible for replacement costs for glassware damages that result from improper use during labs.

We typically offer several options for each item. A table of current prices is provided below; please email our Stockroom Manager, Rachel Wonciar (at Rachel.Wonciar@ColoradoCollege) if you have additional questions about these items.


Price Range

Safety Goggles


Lab Notebooks*

Carbonless copy notebook (organic chemistry)

*in rare cases, lab manuals may cost more

$10 - $15


Lab Manuals

$10 - $15

Lab Coats


Model Kit Rental (charged for each block the kit is out)

$5 per block


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