Owen Rask


Website Manager

Class of 2024

Economics Major, Political Science and Mathematics Minor

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Extracurriculars: Music, Singing, Theater, Dance Workshop, QRC, and Weightlifting

 Margot SwetichMargotS.jpeg


Class of 2023

English Creative Writing Major

Hometown: Denver, CO

Extracurriculars: TWIT Improv, Vocal music, Blue Key Honor Society

Skylar HennesseeFF65416B-A592-44B4-B882-3CC77493C11A---Skylar-Hennessee.jpeg

Officer of Recruitment and Retention

Class of 2024

Art Studio Major, Music and Spanish Minor

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Extracurriculars: Artist, Pianist, Delta Gamma

April Kwan1489A919-F8ED-4C23-ACDA-867B08B1BD5F-687CF136-7DAE-4ED1-AD81-4860CE2B336A---April-Kwan.jpeg

Class of 2024

Officer of Diversity and Inclusion

Political Science Major, Linguistics and English Minor

Hometown: Weston, MA

Extracurriculars: Captain of the Women's Track & Field team, Asian Student Union

Jocelyn ZuckermanA46E34E1-CA3B-459D-BAFD-6A6EA1CDEFBD---Jocelyn-Zuckerman.jpeg


Class of 2024

Molecular Biology and Sociology Major

Hometown: Concord, MA

Extracurriculars: Delta Mu, Globe Med, QRC Tutor

Emma LoganEmma-Logan.jpg

Class of 2024

Officer of Education and Outreach

History-Political Science Double Major

Hometown: Denver, CO

Extracurriculars: LlamaPalooza Planning Committee, President's Council, Opinion Writer for The Catalyst

Alex SpiezioAlex-Spiezio.jpeg

Class of 2024

English and Classics Major, Education Minor

Hometown: Westfield, NJ

Extracurriculars: Writing Center Consultant, FYP Mentor

Caitlin KimCaitlin-Kim.JPG

Class of 2024

Biochemistry Major


Extracurriculars: Science Outreach, CES program, WIB

Camille LewisCamile.jpg

Class of 2024

Economics Major, Computer Science Minor

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Extracurriculars:vClub Tennis and Painting

Catherine WebberAN9I7352---Catherine-Webber.JPEG

Class of

Biochemistry Major, Physics Minor

Hometown: Exeter, NH

Extracurriculars: CCEMS and Bonner Fellow

Brigitte ArcoiteD617707A-0ED0-483D-B87C-D30D75B5EA8A---Brigitte-Arcoite.jpeg

Class of 2024

Economics Major, Urban Studies and Environmental Studies Minor

Hometown: Norwalk

Extracurriculars: Outdoor Education Leader and Community Engaged Leader

Luke Ortiz-GrabeIMG_0995_Facetune_11-06-2022-19-46-37---Luke-Ortiz-Grabe.jpeg

Class of 

International Political Economy Major, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

Extracurriculars: Bonner Fellowship, Prison Abolition Project

Jessica LegaardIMG_0335---Jessica-Legaard.JPG

Class of 2024

Environmental Studies Major

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO

Extracurriculars: Delta Gamma, Dialogue Ambassador

Grace ManningGraceM

Class of 2025

Molecular Biology Major, Human Biology and Kinesiology Minor

Hometown: Mancos, CO

Extracurriculars: Sports Medicine Aide, CES Program

 Aidan BoydSenior-Photo---Aidan-Boyd.png

Class of 2025

International Political Economy Major

Hometown: Silt, CO

Extracurriculars: Speaking Center Tutor, Concert Band, Speech and Debate

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