Tech Adoption

All new or updated applications, whether for individual, departmental, or college-wide business use, must go through the Tech Adoption process prior to purchase, per the college’s policy. Tech Adoption ensures that the college obtains and integrates new or updated applications in the best way possible. We want to make sure the tools you are investigating have the proper security and integration measures in place to prevent data breaches and fit into our existing, complex ITS systems.

To request changes to an existing application or add/purchase a new application: 

  • Create a new tech adoption request (Service Request > Project Management and IT Governance > Tech Adoption Request)
  • Please submit a request with as much notice as possible - the request can always be updated later, but the earlier we know about the intention to change existing or buy new applications, the better.
  • If the application you are requesting costs $25,000 or more, you will need to submit three different applications for consideration, along with quotes for each one. These requests also require approval from the IT governance group (made up of senior leadership across campus) that will occur after the Tech Adoption review is complete. 
  • Implementation timelines for requests requiring ITS assistance should be discussed separately from the Tech Adoption process. This conversation can take place simultaneously with the request itself. Contact the Solutions Center at to begin that part of your process. 

Once you submit your request, the Tech Adoption group will reach out to the vendor to request the IT information we need to complete our review. How long it takes to approve your request depends on how quickly the vendor responds with the needed information. We will let you know once our review is completed. If an application is incompatible with our technological environment or has serious security concerns, it may be declined. However, we will work with you to find another option that will fit your needs, as it is never our intent to prevent you from getting the tools you need 

If you have questions or would like to discuss an upcoming need you have, you can reach out to Linda Petro, co-chair of the Tech Adoption group, at 

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