Tech Adoption

The ITS Tech Adoption procedure ensures that Colorado College obtains and integrates new applications in the best way possible. Even though a new application may seem simple, it may have security weaknesses, duplicate a function that already exists on campus, or cost more than another similar choice, etc.

For these and other reasons, it's important that everyone at CC follow the process and submit a tech adoption request when considering new applications.

  • Create a new tech adoption request (Service Request > Project Management and IT Governance > Tech Adoption Request)
  • Please submit a request with as much notice as possible - the request can always be updated later, but the earlier we know about the intention to buy new applications, the better
  • We ask for at least one week notice for basic / simple applications, and at least one month notice for bigger / more complicated applications.

After your request is submitted, the tech adoption committee will review it and will likely send you some follow up questions (see below for a list of potential questions). The committee may also confer with ASAC in certain cases (for example, when an application impacts the majority of campus), but the request will eventually end up being either approved or declined with a stated reason.

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