Returning Student Housing Selection 2023-24 FAQs

When does 2023-2024 Housing Selection begin?

  • 2023-2024 Housing selection will be tiered this year
  • Rising Seniors (Class of 2024) Will select senior spaces on December 8, 2022 from 2-5pm
  • Rising Sophomores & Rising Juniors will begin housing selection on February 27, 2023.
    • Housing agreement & roommate matching will open on February 27, 2023 for all eligible students in the StarRez portal

What happens after I sign my housing agreement?

  • Once you sign your housing agreement, you are in the process for housing selection.
  • Lottery numbers will be sent out to students after Spring break

Is there a housing deposit required?

  • CC does not require a housing deposit to secure housing.

I took a leave of absence this semester, am I still eligible to participate?

  • If you took a leave of absence for the 2023 Spring Semester and intend to return for Fall 2023, please contact for further information.

What is CC’s Residential Requirement?

  • The residential requirement is a critical part of the Colorado College experience. As a result, all students must live on campus for the first three years of their enrollment at CC.

If I live on campus, am I required to have a meal plan?

  • Yes, all on-campus students are required to have a meal plan. Meal plan options can be found here.

I need an exception to the meal plan, who do I contact?

I am eligible to participate in housing selection, how will I know my lottery number?

  • Lottery numbers/selection times will be emailed to eligible students via their CC email address prior to housing selection dates.

How are lottery numbers determined?

  • Lottery numbers are determined by academic standing and class year 
  • To ensure we have enough spaces for students that are required to live on campus, spaces for seniors will be limited. Those seniors that were given a lottery number but were unable to select a space will be placed on the wait list.

I was in an overflow triple this year, will I get any priority in housing selection?

  • Yes, students in overflow triples will have priority during their class year selection.  Students in overflow triples will receive information confirming their eligibility. 

I am interested in apartments, cottages, or theme housing, will I receive a lottery number?

  • Cottages are for seniors only and placement for those spaces will happen during the December process
  • Apartment selection will occur April 5 & 6, 2023
  • Students interested in Theme communities will need to apply for theme communities via starrez.  Theme community placement will occur on April 11, 2023

I’m currently a junior and want to live on campus next year? What are my options?

  • Senior housing for the 2023-24 academic year is extremely limited. We are limited to 75 on-campus spaces for seniors
  • Seniors will select on December 8, 2022.  Seniors will be eligible to live in the Cottages, apartments on N. Weber and Cascade Park Apartments. 
  • There may be additional spaces that become available after all current sophomore student assignments have been made.

I received a time slot but did not receive a housing assignment for 23-24, what next? 
All students who signed their housing agreement but did not receive an assignment are automatically added to the senior housing waitlist. We will make housing assignments for seniors as spaces become available throughout the spring 2023 semester and summer 2024.  

Why is senior housing selection happening in December? 
Due to limited spaces for seniors, we wanted to make sure that anyone who could not get a space on campus had adequate time to research other options. By January 2023, we will have an off-campus resource website launched to help students navigate the off-campus housing process 

Can I live with my friend who is a rising junior? 
Right now, the spaces available for seniors are for seniors only. We are constantly assessing our spaces and taking student feedback into account. Once all students who are required to live on campus have been assigned spaces, we may be able to make some swaps or adjust assignments. 

Can I cancel my housing assignment? 
For any rising senior who receives a housing assignment but then chooses to live off campus, we ask that you notify our office in writing as soon as possible. Any open spaces will then be used to assign other seniors to. 

What happens if someone leaves our roommate group? 

If someone leaves your roommate group, remaining roommates can still select a space at their individual timeslots, or you can create another roommate group. 

What if one of my housemates decides to live off campus after we’ve signed up for housing? 
For a cottage space that has multiple bedrooms, first we will ask remaining residents to identify someone to move into the space. If the student group cannot identify a replacement, the housing office will assign another student in need of housing to that space. 

Is a meal plan required for the space I'm living in? 
For cottage spaces, no meal plan is required. For apartment spaces, the apartment meal plan is required. We will follow up with students in the spring semester for meal plan selection. Seniors may select either the apartment meal plan or the full meal plan if you are interested in a meal plan. 

I am not a rising senior, when will I select housing? 
For current first and second year students, we will conduct housing selection throughout Block 7. More information regarding the process will be shared during Block 5. 

Which apartments are fully furnished, and which are not? 
Anything labeled as an apartment is a furnished suite. 

I am interested in living off campus but will not be a senior next year, what do I need to do?

  • Any student that is required to live on campus, but wants to live off campus must to complete the off-campus request form. Students will receive a response to their request within three business days.
  • Follow up questions can be directed to Please be descriptive in the subject line in order for us to best serve you. (e.g. “Off campus appeal” in the subject line for those wanting to appeal to live off campus)

Are there any resources available to me as an off-campus student?

  • CC has a strong relationship with the surrounding community and has great partnerships to help support our students.
  • Students have access to all of the same resources residential students have on campus.
  • By January 2023, we will launch additional off-campus housing resources

What types of housing are available to me?

  • Returning students can select a multitude of housing types including: apartment style living, special interest housing (including language houses); small houses, traditional residence halls, and cottage housing
  • Information about all of our housing types can be found here .

I want to live in a cottage, is that possible?

  • Only seniors will be eligible to live in cottages for 2023-2024

I want to live in a theme community or special interest housing? What are my options?

  • CC has several different special interest housing options for our returning students. These include the language houses, Glass House, Enclave, Outdoor Education, Bridge Scholars, the newly created continuing student Pride Community in Fleming, the newly created Arts Community in McGregor.
  • Special interest housing will have a separate interest form. Spaces allotted for these communities will not be available during traditional room selection.

I want a single that is not in an apartment, is that possible?

  • There are a limited number of single rooms available in our small houses and traditional style halls available. 

I need a housing accommodation and am registered with Student Accessibility Resources, what do I do?

I have a request for a religious/spiritual related housing accommodation, who should I contact?

How are roommates determined?

  • Students can match roommates via StarRez
  • Students may also request a roommate and will be placed together if you meet the housing deadlines and request each other. For new students, part of the excitement of the college experience is meeting new people and our housing application asks questions that help us match students together.

Do I need to have a full group to select an apartment?

  • Smaller groups/individual students are allowed to select a bed space in larger apartments. If you do not fill all bed spaces with your group, we will open those spaces to other students.

I am interested in an eight-person apartment but only have three other people I want to live with, can I still do that?

  • We allow groups of four or eight to do initial selection in eight-person apartments. Any unfilled spaces will then be filled with individual students.

Does my group have to fill the entire apartment?

  • We recommend creating a group that will fill the entire desired space. However, if that does not happen, we will place an individual student into any open bed spaces.

Can we designate a proxy for apartment selection?

  • Yes, one person can select an apartment for the entire group

If my roommate is only studying abroad for TWO blocks, do we need an alternate?

  • No, our office bills for housing per semester and occupying the room for half the semester would qualify that roommate to maintain their space and us likely not moving anyone else in unless you request it.

Is the information online about being able to apply to multiple apartments still accurate?

  • In the application you will indicate your apartment type preference, which in theory allows you to apply for multiple. Our hope is to accommodate first and second preferences.
  • Housing agreement: This is your housing contract for the academic year. This document contains your contract terms and expectations for the year.
  • Rising senior: On track to graduate in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024; current junior
  • Rising Junior: On track to graduate Fall 2024 or Spring 2025; current sophomore
  • Rising Sophomore: Graduate Fall 2025 or Spring 2026; current first-year
  • Small House: Chiles, Fleming, Bemis, McGregor, Ticknor, Montgomery, Jackson, Lennox
  • Cottage/Senior Cottage: Unfurnished houses intended for seniors
  • “The Big Three”: Mathias, South, Loomis
  • Apartments: Western Ridge and East Campus Apartments

What storage options are available across campus?

  • Storage is very limited and not available for students. Contact any area storage companies.

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