Consulting Psychiatrist

Our consulting psychiatrist is available to provide medication evaluations and prescribing when appropriate. The psychiatrist may also take over the prescribing of medications which students have been prescribed by other doctors. Students must see a counselor before they see the psychiatrist in order to obtain history and medication information. Students who are prescribed medications from the consulting psychiatrist are also expected to continue to see a counselor on a once per block basis. The psychiatrist is available during limited hours at the Counseling Center. There is a usual and customary fee for the psychiatrist. Scholarship money is available for students who can not afford to see the psychiatrist. Please ask your counselor about the scholarship funds. No student will be turned away for lack of funds. Prior to their medication appointments, students must obtain their current vital signs from the staff at the Counseling Center or through the student health center.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The Counseling Center also has a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who provides medication management for students.  The Nurse Practitioner can prescribe and renew medications.  All the same procedures apply to seeing the Nurse Practitioner.

Limited Capacity for Medication Review

Scheduled appointments for the Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner tend to get filled quickly.  Students have the option of seeking a private, off campus professional who can manage medication prescribing.

Medical Records from Previous Doctors

Documentation from the home prescribing physician is required prior to seeing the psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner for continued medication management. Medical records must be requested by the student and they can sign a release of information form to be sent to their home doctor. This information may be confidentially faxed to the Counseling Center at 719-389-6064.

ADD Medications

ADHD medications are controlled substances.  An up to date neuropsychological test battery supporting the need for stimulant medications is needed prior to starting students on these types of medications.  If the student has been stable on medication for an extended time, refills may be sought through the Student Health Service on Campus (Optum) 719-389-6384.

Filling Prescriptions and Delivery

Medication Delivery to Campus Student Health Services

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, 2306 North Wahsatch Ave. Colorado Spring, 80907, 719-471-3600, can deliver prescriptions to the Student Health Services on Campus for pick up by the student.  Payment arrangements must be made directly with them prior to delivery.

For Delivery to the Student Health Center

Prescriptions filled at The Medicine Shoppe
2306 North Wahsatch Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 471-3600 Fax: (719) 444-0471

Pharmacist- Barry Patterson

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is a local pharmacy that accepts most private insurance and is an in-network pharmacy for the student health insurance plan. The cost of the medication or insurance co-pay is based on insurance plan provisions. The student is responsible for contacting the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy directly; to fill new/refill prescriptions, to request that current prescriptions be transferred to or from the The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, to provide insurance information, and to arrange for payment. A credit card may be put on file to pay for applicable co-payments or other pharmacy costs. Prescription delivery to Medical Services at the Student Health Center is available Monday through Friday and is a special service that The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy offers at the student's request. Most prescriptions will be ready for delivery to the Health Center for pick up within 24 hours weekdays.

 Other Pharmacies Close to Campus



2921 North Nevada Ave- The Corner of Nevada and Fillmore
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
719-471-3440 (24 hr)

Walgreens- At Uintah Gardens Shopping Center
625 North 19th St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
719-473-8834 (not 24 hr)

CVS Pharmacy

455 North Circle Drive

Colorado Springs, Colorado  80909

719-216-0408   (not 24 hour)

Rainbow Pharmacy

1625 Medical Center Point #140

Colorado Springs, Colorado  80907

719-577-9800    (not 24 hour)




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