CC in the News

CC Seniors' Summer Stint as Foreign Correspondents in Eastern Europe Featured (KRCC, Colorado Public Radio News, 9/8/23)

CC President L. Song Richardson Nominated for Council of Korean Americans' Empower Award (2023 Council of Korean Americans Envision Gala & Summit, 9/7/23)

How Colorado Springs Companies and Institutions are Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent (KOAA-TV, News 5, 9/7/23

Changes in the College Admissions Landscape--Where Does it Go From Here? (Forbes, 9/2/23)

Colorado Springs Exhibit Explores Chicanx, Hispanic, Mexican American Communities (Colorado Springs Gazette, 8/31/23)

Colorado College Students Hopeful a New Resiliency Program will Positively Impact Mental Health (Colorado Springs Gazette, 8/28/23)

Getting to Know the CC Alum Rikki Held '23 Who Fought Montana and Won (Rolling Stone via Yahoo News, 8/27/23)

Indigenous Remains at Fine Arts Center to be Sent to Hopi and Ute Tribes (Federal Register, 8/23/23)

CC's Vocal Arts Festival Founder Retires After 25 Years (Colorado Springs Gazette, 8/21/23)

CC's Vice President for Enrollment Mark Hatch Shares View on Legacy Status in Admission (Colorado Sun, 8/18/23)

CC Scientists to Work with Denver Museum of Nature and Science on Largest Research Grant to Date about Dinosaurs (KMGH Denver 7, 8/17/23)

Colorado Lauds CC Graduate Rikki Held '23 for Court Victory for Environmental Health (KUSA 9 News Denver, 8/14/23)

CC Alum Rikki Held '23 Wins Landmark Climate Case Against the State of Montana (New York Times, 8/14/23)

CC Economics Professor Dan Johnson's Study on Rising Suicide Rates on Farms in India due in part to Informal Debt Markets (Times of India, 8/11/23)

C Alum Jim Rosenthal's Corsi-Rosenthal Air Filters Help Prevent Infectious Disease Transmission

(New York Times, 8/9/23)

CC Alum Hayley Bates '18 Wins Big at National Cycling League's Inaugural Season (Westword, 8/10/23)

CC Student Ronan Takizawa Comments on ChatGPT and School (Daily Mail, 8/10/23)

CC Student Noah Wheeler '24 Featured as Rising Star Climber (Climbing Magazine, 8/9/23)

CC President L. Song Richardson Weighs in on Why the Glass Ceiling in Higher Ed Hasn't Cracked (Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/4/23)

State of the Rockies Poll Cited in Biden's Plans to Create New Grand Canyon National Monument (Washington Post, 8/4/23)

Book Author features CC's State of the Rockies Poll on C-SPAN2 (C-SPAN2, 8/3/23)

CC's Claire Oberon Garcia Talks About New Role as State Historian (KUSA 9 News, Denver, 8/2/23)

Claire Oberon Garcia Brings Literary Touch to Colorado State Historian Position (Colorado Sun, 8/1/23)

CC Alum Craig Silverman Recounts a 'Perfect' Story for Colorado Day (Colorado Sun, 8/1/23)

CC Alum Max Morath '48 "King of Ragtime" Passes Away at 96 (KRCC, Colorado Public Radio, "Colorado Matters," 7/31/23)

CC Soccer Alum Jessica Ayers Plays in FIFA World Cup for Team Sweden (Forward, 7/29/23)

CC Soccer Alum Jacqui Hand '21 has the First Assist in FIFA Women's World Cup (Slate, 7/29/23)

CC President L. Song Richardson's Affirmative Action Quote Makes Headline of National Summit Article

(University Business, 7/28/23)

CC President L. Song Richardson Decries 'Broken Higher Education System' at Affirmative Action Summit (Inside Higher Ed, 7/27/23)

CC English Professor Claire Oberon Garcia Named Colorado State Historian (KOA radio, 850 AM, 7/27/23)

CC Dean of Admission Karen Kristof Weighs in on Race Without Affirmative Action (Wall Street Journal, 7/26/23)

CC President L. Song Richardson Speaks at National Summit on Equal Opportunity in Higher Education in Washington, D.C. (YouTube, 7/26/23)

 CC President L. Song Richardson Quoted with U.S. Education Secretary at Biden Administration Panel on Diversity in Higher Ed  (Market Watch by Dow Jones, 7/26/23)

Former CC English Professor Ford Frick was Commissioner of Baseball in 1957 (Tribune via Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/25/23)

City for Champions Excited about Jump Rope's Future after Successful World Championships at Ed Robson Arena  (Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/24/23)

CC Political Science Professor Doug Edlin and Dean of Admission Karen Kristof React to SCOTUS Ruling on Affirmative Action (Colorado Newsline, 7/24/23)

Guide to the U.S. News Rankings Drama (Higher Ed Dive, 7/21/23)

International Jump Union President Praises Ed Robson Arena as Amazing Venue (KXRM FOX 21's "Living Local," 7/20/23)

Retired CC Carpenter Dan Crossey Featured in Mountain Climbing Story (Colorado Springs Gazette, 7/20/23)

CC Alum Jacqui Hand '22 Makes World Cup Debut at FIFA Women's World Cup (Denver Post, 7/19/23)

CC Alum David Hedges '20 Sets Record for Fastest Time Running 14 Colorado 14ers (Outside Magazine, 7/19/23)

CC Study on Urban Heat Island Shows how Lack of Trees Affects City Life (KOAA News 5 NBC, 7/19/23)

World Jump Rope Championships at Ed Robson Arena (Colorado Springs and Denver Gazette, 7/14/23)

CC Swimmer and Diver Kate Brush '23 Named 2023 Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Woman of the Year (SCAC Sports, 7/13/23)

Russian Professor Alexei Pavlenko Comments on Putin/Prigozhin Russian Conflict (Newsweek, 7/12/23)

Dean of Admission Karen Kristof Participates in NPR Discussion on How Colleges will Judge Applicants in Light of Supreme Court Decision (NPR "1A," 7/12/23)

CC Research Helps Solve Mystery of 'Bloody Spring' in Antarctica (Forbes, 7/10/23)

L. Song Richardson's Opinions on Lottery in Admissions Sought by New York Times Q & A with Readers (New York Times, 7/10/23)

The Most CC Tiger Hockey Players Drafted into the NHL Since 2005 (KOAA-TV, 7/05/23)

L. Song Richardson Reacts to U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on Affirmative Action in College Admissions (New York Times, 6/30/23)

Colorado Universities Signal Modifying DEI Approach after Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action (Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/30/23)

Dean of Admission Karen Kristof Gives CC Perspective on Admissions Changes with SCOTUS Ruling (KKTV, 6/30/23)

CC Shares Leadership Statement on U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on Affirmative Action in College Admission (KOAA-TV, 6/30/23)

King of Ragtime Revival Max Morath '48 Dies at 96 (New York Times, (6/19/23)

Rising Seniors Cover Denver Nuggets NBA Champion MVP Nikola Jokic's Return to Serbia While Reporting Overseas on Venture Grant (Denver Gazette, 6/19/23)

Indigenous Studies Professor Christina Leza Weighs in on Native American Challenges at Border Crossings (PBS NewsHour, 6/18/23)

Liz Cheney '88 Featured Among Top Commencement Speakers in the Country (The Hill, 6/09/23)

Liz Cheney's '88 Commencement Address Featured in Life Lessons for Graduates (PBS NewsHour, 6/09/23)

CC Commencement Speaker Liz Cheney '88 Featured in Parade of Advice from the Most Famous Commencement Speakers (U.S. News & World Report, 6/09/23)

Fine Arts Center at Colorado College Listed Among Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Colorado Springs (MSN Travel, 6/09/23)

L. Song Richardson Weighs in on Columbia University's Decision to Drop Out of U.S. News & World Report's Rankings (New York Times, 6/06/23)

Liz Cheney Delivers Commencement Address at Alma Mater Amid Questions About Future (The Hill, 5/28/23)

Liz Cheney calls out Republican Colleagues in Speech: 'Wanted me to Lie' (USA Today, 5/28/23)

Liz Cheney Tells Colorado Graduates to 'Stand in Truth,' Warns Democracy is in Peril (NPR, 5/29/23)

Psychology Professor Tomi-Ann Roberts' Study Used in Reference to Body Dysmorphia Story (CBS News, 5/19/23)

CC Professor Weighs in on the Politics Behind Biden's Halt to Move U.S. Space Command out of Colorado (KOAA-TV 5/19/23)

CC Students Create Video About Colorado River Water Shortage (Rocky Mountain PBS, 5/16/23)

Environmentalists Cite CC's State of the Rockies Conservation in the West Poll While Protesting Montana's Anti-Climate Law (Inside Climate News, 5/16/23)

CC Anthropology Professor Weighs in on Pascua Yaqui Tribe's Formalization of Border Crossing (Arizona Public Media, 5/15/23)

The College Rankings Rebellion (The Week, 5/15/23)

CC Student Athletes Make Notable Contribution to TESSA (FOX 21 News, 5/11/23)

Verdict Mixed for Ruling Democrats in Colorado (The Denver Post, 5/9/23)

John Hickenlooper Bridges Divide in Dysfunctional U.S. Senate (Colorado Politics, 5/6/23)

Presidents Say Their Colleges Will Uphold Diversity Commitments (Forbes, 5/4/23)

FAC's "In the Heights" Performance Showcases how Deaf Community Relies on ASL Interpreters (Colorado Springs Gazette, 5/3/23)

Words on Clay Program at Bemis Art School Ties CC to Military Veterans (KOAA-TV, 5/3/23)

An Open Letter from Presidents of Institutions that Belong to the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance, including L.Song Richardson (Inside Higher Ed, 5/3/23)

Why Colleges are Leaving the U.S News & World Report Rankings, featuring L. Song Richardson (NPR "1A," 4/10/23)

CC Psychology Professor Tomi-Ann Roberts' Study on Social Media Fast Continues to Gain Traction Nationally (NBC News Miami, 4/3/23)

CC Professor Natalie Gosnell and FAC Museum and Visual Arts Director Michael Christiano talking about Gosnell’s The Gift exhibit (KRDO AM/FM The Extra, 3/16/23) 

Colorado College Withdraws from U.S. News & World Report's Annual Undergrad Ranking (Wall Street Journal, 2/27/23)

Liz Cheney Tops List of Speaker Announcements at Commencement Ceremonies in 2023 (Forbes, 2/21/23)

Annual Conservation Poll Shows Continued Desires to Protect Public Lands in Face of Inflation and Water Shortage (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2/21/23)

Fine Arts Center Corridors Named in Honor of Marvin and Shirley Strait (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2/19/23)

CC's Outdoor Education Showcases Expertise in Winter Hiking Safety (KOAA-TV, 2/18/23)

USA Today Releases List of Most Expensive Colleges (USA Today, 2/17/23)

Colorado College Alumna Liz Cheney to Speak at Commencement Ceremony (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2/16/23)

Water Conservation Remains Huge Concern in the West, Annual Colorado College Poll Shows (Colorado Sun, 2/16/23)

Coloradans Want More Investment in Water Conservation, New Poll Finds (Colorado Public Radio, 2/15/23)

Nicole Herden Named Executive Director of Fine Arts Center (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2/15/23)

Colorado College among prestigious Fulbright Program's 'Top Producing Institutions' (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2/10/23)

CC President L. Song Richardson Weighs in on Law Schools Revolt Against U.S. News & World Report's Annual Rankings (Washington Post, 1/24/23)

The 134-Year-Old Start-Up National Geographic Maps Its Future (The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 4/26/22)

What’s Driving Increased Hiring of Presidents of Color? (Inside Higher Ed, 4/21/22)

Do Yourself a Favor and Go Find a ‘Third Place’ (The Atlantic, 4/4/22)

The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for April 2022 (CPR, 4/1/22)

New Services From Scholarship Site That Mixes Brand Promotion And Financial Aid (3/25/22, Forbes)

Managing Crowded Parks Raises Equity, Access Concerns (U.S. News & World Report, 3/20/22)

Weekly Wisdom Colorado College President Song Richardson (Inside Higher Ed, 3/14/22)

‘Deltacron,’ the Delta-Omicron hybrid COVID variant, appears to be in the U.S., according to a new study (Fortune, 3/13/22)

Caste Discrimination Exists in the U.S., Too—But a Movement to Outlaw It Is Growing (Time, 2/11/22)

EPA Announces Appointment of Robin Morris Collin as EPA Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Environmental Justice (, 2/8/22)

Colorado College to develop new curriculum to tackle social justice issues head-on (KOAA, 2/8/22)

Humanities Get A $16 Million Boost From Twelve Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grants (Forbes Magazine, 1/28/22)

Tax Prep Checklist: Collect These Forms Before Filing Your Taxes - US News Money  (US News and World Report, 1/18/22)

Colorado College requires all faculty, students and staff to get a Covid-19 booster shot and wear KN95 masks (KKTV, 1/6/22)

Opinion: Want to make colleges affordable? Double the Pell Grant (Denver Post, 1/4/22)

Colorado College and UCCS to require COVID-19 booster (KRDO, 1/4/22)

Booster shot mandate at Colorado College producing pushback from hockey players (The Gazette, 1/3/22)

Some Colorado colleges are now requiring booster shots (KOAA, 1/3/22)

Test Optional May Not Apply to Homeschooled Students (Insider Higher Ed, 12/13/21)

More U.S. colleges turn to law schools to find their next president (Reuters, 12/8/21)

Meet Autumn Rivera, Colorado’s teacher of the year (Chalkbeat, 11/29/21)

On Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools: “The Pursuit of a More Just World” Requires Confronting Racism and Privilege (Ms. Magazine, 10/29/21)

Two Colorado College Grads Put Creativity in Play with Momentix motionKit (Westword, 10/8/21)

Does Tenure Impede Diversity? (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/8/21)

Colorado College students remove 4,800 pounds of litter from Fountain Creek (, 8/27/21)

Colorado College incoming freshman volunteer for community trash clean-up (KOAA, 8/25/21)

3-day cleanup event galvanizes 275 Colorado College students, thousands of volunteers (KRDO, 8/25/21)

Colorado College rolls out mobile art program (FOX21, 7/1/21)

Colorado College ends mandatory COVID-19 mask requirement (KRDO, 6/29/21)

District 49 proposal would ban teaching of 'critical race theory' (The Gazette, 6/20/21)

Colorado College program puts art on wheels (KRDO, 6/18/21)

Honnen legacy removed from old Colorado College ice rink but will continue at new Robson Arena (The Gazette, 6/18/21)

Colorado College Summer Music Festival returns in-person (KOAA, 6/15/21)

Honnen Ice Arena on Colorado College campus closing as new Robson Arena nears opening (KRDO, 6/15/21)

Honnen Ice Arena at Colorado College to close for good, as meltage begins this week (The Gazette, 6/13/21)

Colorado College Honoring Class of 2020 Sunday (KRDO, 5/30/21)

Colorado College Keeps Traditions Alive, Even Through a Pandemic (University Business, 5/26/21)

Colorado College celebrates graduates with first in-person commencement since 2019 (The Gazette, 5/23/21)

Neel Opens Doors Through Prison Program (CSBJ, 5/20/21)

Liz Cheney's Colorado College education led to GOP showdown (The Gazette, 5/11/21)

Stimulus Money: Who’s Paying? (KRDO, 5/3/21)

Polis supports Colorado's colleges and universities requiring COVID-19 vaccine for students (Denver Post, 4/27/21)

Colorado College requires students, employees to be vaccinated for fall semester; PPCC is 'absolutely not' doing so (The Gazette, 4/27/21)

Miller-Stevens sets sights on solutions (CSBJ, 4/23/21)

Attention Donor 3046: Your Daughter Made A Podcast To Find You ("Morning Edition," NPR, 4/22/21)

Colorado College Student Wins NPR Podcast Challenge As She Explores Her Parentage (Colorado Public Radio, 4/21/21)

Colleges Launch New Programs to Remedy the Longstanding Problem of Teacher Homogeneity (Insight into Diversity, 3/16/21)

New program at Colorado College aims to support Black teachers by supplementing their salary up to $20K(KOAA-TV, 2/12/21)

Black College Students Offered Fully Funded Master’s Degree, $20,000 Salary Increase In Effort to Increase Number of Black Educators (Atlanta Black Star, 2/12/21)

$20,000 salary increases offered to Black educators through college program (9News/Denver, 2/10/21)

CC Receives $500K for Yalich Student Services Center (CSBJ, 2/10/21)

Colorado College receives $500K gift toward new student services center (The Gazette, 2/9/21)

To retain more Black teachers, new Colorado higher ed program supplements their salary up to $20K(Denver Post, 2/7/21)

Colorado College creates a tri-part chief diversity officer model (EAB, 1/26/21)

CC's new president is a perfect match for the moment (The Gazette, 12/13/20)

UCI Law Dean Departing for Colorado (Orange County Business Journal, 12/10/20)

Richardson is first woman of color appointed president of Colorado College (CSBJ, 12/10/20)

UC Irvine Law Dean to Lead Colorado Liberal Arts College (, 12/10/20)

First woman of color will lead Colorado College (The Gazette, 12/9/20)

Interest in public health careers seeing national spike (CSBJ, 12/4/20)

Students from four Colorado Springs higher-institutions tackle community issues through Quad Partnership (KRDO, 12/3/20)

Four Colorado Springs higher ed institutions put their heads together for a first-of-its-kind collaboration (Denver Post, 12/2/20)

Will Outdoor Tents Become the New College Classrooms? (5280, 11/24/20)

How Can My College Student Come Home Safely for Thanksgiving? (New York Times, 11/13/10)

Colorado College professor's COVID-19 forecasting eerily accurate (The Gazette, 11/10/20)

Covid Is the Big Story on Campus. College Reporters Have the Scoop. (New York Times, 11/4/20)

Colleges Turn To Wastewater Testing In An Effort To Flush Out The Coronavirus (NPR, 10/26/20)

Colorado College sophomores and juniors will have to live off campus in spring (The Gazette, 10/23/20)

Colorado College students hold town hall proposing less campus police presence (KKTV, 10/21/20)

Opinion: Follow Colorado College's lead and cancel classes on Election Day (The Colorado Sun, 10/4/20)

1,600 Colleges Are Now Test-Optional. How Many Will Go Back? (EdSurge, 9/25/20)

Colorado College starts wastewater testing; helps find virus before people are symptomatic (KKTV, 9/23/20)

What College Admissions Officers Are Looking for This Year (Wall Street Journal, 9/17/20)

Colleges Send Students Home as Outbreaks Worsen. Are They Creating a New Coronavirus Threat? (Wall Street Journal, 9/7/20)

COVID and college: The lower standards of higher education (The Gazette, 9/7/20)

COVID-19 Roundup: White House Advice on Sick Students; More Fall Pivots (Inside Higher Ed, 9/2/20)

Colorado Edition: Open And Shut (KUNC's Colorado Edition, 9/2/20)

More Than 1,300 Students Test Positive At The University Of Alabama: Here Are The Latest College Coronavirus Updates (Forbes, 9/2/20)

Students Describe Quarantine As Colorado College Adjusts To Nearly-All Remote Learning (CBS4, 9/1/20)

Colorado College moving most classes online for fall semester (The Gazette, 9/1/20)

Colorado College shifts to remote learning after all dorms placed under COVID-19 quarantine (Denver Post, 9/1/20)

Colorado College suspends most in-person learning after coronavirus prompts three dorm quarantines(Colorado Sun, 9/1/20)

Virus forces Colorado College to switch to remote learning (Durango Herald, 9/1/20)

Colorado College moving classes online, reducing number of students residing on campus due to COVID-19 (KRDO, 9/1/20)

Colorado College switching to remote learning (Fox21 News, 9/1/20)

Colorado College Moves To Remote Learning After Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Dorms (CBS4 Denver, 9/1/20)

Hundreds of Colorado College students now in virus quarantine (The Gazette, 8/31/20)

Will Students Show Up at Private Colleges? (Inside Higher Ed, 8/24/20)

Students vs. the pandemic: How a journalism team is chronicling COVID (eCampus News, 8/12/20)

Diversity, equity and inclusion programs increasing for Colorado Springs organizations, schools (The Gazette, 7/28/20)

Colorado Springs Bemis School of Art director believes art can heal niche populations (The Gazette, 7/21/20)

Colorado universities respond to ICE reversal on international student deportations (Colorado Politics, 7/15/20)

Colorado colleges, universities join lawsuit to stop new ICE directive (The Gazette, 7/14/20)

Award-winning playwright Idris Goodwin announced as new director of Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (The Gazette, 7/13/20)

Colorado Springs playwright-poet aims new, free plays about racism at young people (The Gazette, 7/4/20)

Colorado College president prepares to exit after nearly 3 decades in higher education (The Gazette, 6/22/20)

Classical music concerts to be broadcast live in Colorado Springs (The Gazette, 6/21/20)

High School Seniors Plan for College-in the Middle of a Pandemic (5280, 5/28/20)

Colorado College Achieves Carbon Neutrality (Yale Climate Connections, 5/28/20)

6 Ways College Might Look Different In The Fall (NPR, 5/5/20)

How colleges and universities are stepping up to produce essential PPE for health-care workers (CNBC, 5/5/20)

On extended break due to coronavirus, Colorado College senior uses spare time to help others (The Gazette, 3/16/20)

Colorado College extends spring break, cancels in-person classes and enacts distance learning (The Gazette, 3/10/20)

Colorado College names provost as interim president (The Gazette, 2/25/20)

KRCC general manager resigns in wake of Colorado Public Radio takeover (The Gazette, 2/13/20)

Idris Goodwin Named Director of Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (American Theatre, 2/5/20)

'This is Just a Milestone': How Colorado College Reached Carbon Neutrality (KUNC, All Things Considered, 1/28/20)

Colorado College Becomes Carbon Neutral (Environmental Protection, 1/24/20)

Colorado College is now carbon neutral - and they didn't buy their way out (Green Prophet, 1/23/20)

Colorado College Achieves Carbon Neutrality (Environment + Energy Leader, 1/22/20)

Colorado College achieves decade-long goal of carbon neutrality (The Gazette, 1/22/20)

Colorado College Kicks Off 2020 As A Carbon Neutral Campus (Colorado Public Radio, 1/22/20)

Colorado College officially becomes carbon neutral (KRDO-TV, 1/22/20)

Colorado College says it's the first school in the region to reach carbon neutrality (The Hill, 1/22/20)

Colorado College declares itself first school in Rocky Mountain region to reach carbon neutrality (Denver Post, 1/22/20)

Groundbreaking ceremony for Colorado College's on-campus Ed Robson Arena set for Feb. 15 (USCHO, 1/22/20)

Colorado Public Radio will take over operation of KRCC (1/18/20, The Gazette)

In Signal Boost for Both, CPR Will Operate Colorado Springs-based KRCC (CPR News, 1/17/20)

Colorado Public Radio to Expand, Take Over Operations of KRCC (KRCC, All Things Considered, 1/17/20)

Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler stepping down to take helm of National Geographic Society (Denver Post, 1/14/20)

Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler leaving for National Geographic (The Gazette, 1/14/20)

CC President Jill Tiefenthaler Leaving, Set To Become CEO Of National Geographic Society (91.5 KRCC, 1/14/20)

Colorado College president leaving to National Geographic Society in August (KKTV, 1/14/20)

What state colleges do for Muslims (and others) who want to pray (Westword, 12/17/19)

Colorado's college admission officers don't have time to look at your Instagram. Here's what they're looking for (Denver Post, 11/6/19)

Small Private Liberal Arts Colleges with the Highest Yields (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/27/19)

New Colorado College program will help Pikes Peak region high school students prepare for future (The Gazette, 10/22/19)

Trumpet Master Nicholas Payton to Perform with Colorado Springs Philharmonic (Broadway World, 10/18/19)

Colorado College's use of Ute word for campus quad more than a symbolic gesture (The Gazette, 10/11/19)

The students disappearing fastest from American campuses? Middle-class ones (The Hechinger Report, 10/2/19)

CC launches college prep program for promising high school students (Colorado Springs Business Journal, 10/2/19)

New affordability promise helps families earning up to $200,000 (University Business, 9/19/19)

Four More Colleges Go Test Optional (Inside Higher Ed, 9/3/19)

Colorado College pledges to cut costs for many in-state students (Colorado Springs Business Journal, 9/3/19)

Weissgold: See the world, save the planet (Colorado Springs Business Journal, 8/30/19)

Colorado College Report Shows Urban Heat Islands in Colorado Springs (KVOR, 8/28/19)

A Colorado private college pledges to slash price for lower-income, in-state students (Denver Post, 8/27/19)

Colorado College research shows urban heat islands in Colorado Springs (KOAA, 8/27/19)

New Colorado College Scholarship Targets Low- and Middle-income Students Who Are Residents (The Gazette, 8/23/19)

At Colorado College, where tuition runs $71,000, many new in-state students will pay just a fraction - or nothing at all (Colorado Sun, 8/23/19)

Four-Way Collaboration in Colorado Springs (Inside Higher Ed, 7/9/19)

The High Court Punted on Partisan Gerrymandering (The Colorado Independent, 7/5/19)

7 Commencement Speeches of 2019 That Will Inspire You (Forbes, 6/20/19)

The Best Advice from 2019 Commencement Speeches Will Inspire You Every Day (Huffington Post, 6/18/19)

Billionaire Advice For 2019 College Grads: Robert F. Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Dell And More (Forbes, 6/12/19)

From Jennifer Garner to Tim Cook, highlights from 2019 graduation speeches (PBS NewsHour, 5/31/19)

Best Moments From the Commencement Speeches of 2019 (The Wall Street Journal, 5/31/19)

'If You Want to Save the World, You Don't Need to Be James Bond': 2019's Celeb Commencement Speakers Share Their Best Life Advice (People, 5/30/19)

To the Class of 2019, thoughts from Oprah Winfrey, Mike Pence, Ken Jeong, Robert F. Smith and other commencement speakers (USA Today, 5/25/19)

Colorado College e-Sports Club on the New Frontier for Sports (KOAA-TV, 5/15/19)

What Does it Take to Get a Teacher Interested in Rural Schools? A Field Trip (Colorado Public Radio, 4/10/19)

Colorado College Hosts Fourth Community Meeting for Proposed Robson Arena (Fox News, 3/24/19)

New Parking Plan Wins Over Some Critics of Proposed Colorado College Hockey Arena (The Gazette, 3/23/19)

Colorado College Plans Parking Garage, Lot for New Arena (Colorado Springs Business Journal, 3/12/19)

Colorado College Revises Arena Plans to Add Parking Garage, On-campus Parking Lot (The Gazette, 3/12/19)

Online Shop Cheats Consumers and Native Americans (KOAA-TV, 3/7/19)

Colorado Springs Neighbors Confront CC Officials at Second Meeting on Proposed Hockey Arena (The Gazette, 1/16/19)

Parking Permits and Shuttles Considered as Arena Project Moves Forward (KOAA-TV, 1/7/19)

Colorado Springs College Students Serve as Consultants through Quad Innovation Partnership (The Gazette, 1/6/19)

Seating Numbers, Natatorium Among Shifting Plans Discussed at Colorado College's Robson Arena Community Meeting (The Gazette, 1/5/19)

Colorado College's Neighbors Remain Skeptical About Parking for Planned Hockey Arena (The Gazette, 1/5/19)

Parking Among Concerns Addressed at Public Meeting on New Ice Arena at Colorado College (KOAA-TV, 1/5/19)

New Front in College Admissions: Nudging Students to Decide Early (The Wall Street Journal, 1/3/19)

Welcome to College. Now Take a Year Off. (The Wall Street Journal, 12/25/18)

Fruit Fly Brain Cells Give CC, UCCS Researchers Insight on Neurological Disorders (The Gazette, 12/16/18)

What a Liberal Arts College is and What You Should Know (U.S. News & World Report, 12/7/18)

The Political Novel - Sentinel of America's Soul: Here are 10 You Should Read (Colorado Politics, 11/30/18)

The Community we Choose to Build
(Inside Higher Ed, 11/14/18)

Inspired by Bernstein: Colorado College Music Students Present Meditations, Meta Takes on Bernstein's Creative Legacy (, 11/12/18)

CC Grads Transforming Climbing Film (The Gazette, 10/29/18)

The Bad News We Need: Provost Townsend Discusses Climate Change (Scientific American, 10/18/18)

Purple State Blues (Colorado Public Radio, 10/11/18)

Professor Spurs Hope in Era of Climate Change (The Gazette, 9/28/18)

Stand Up Comedy Class is Helping Locals Find 'Comedic Relief' (The Gazette, 7/27/18)

Final City for Champions Project to be Split Between Switchbacks and Colorado College (The Gazette, 7/24/18)

Students Dissect Historical and Present-day Protests in Colorado College Summer Course (The Gazette, 7/17/18)

The Best Freshman Year is a Gap Year (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/3/18)

Colorado College's Timeless Approach Prepares Students for Whatever Lies Ahead (The Gazette, 5/21/18)

Honnen Ice Arena Featured in NBC's 'Making a Difference' Segment on Sgt. Joshua Hargis (NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, May 8, 2018)

Colorado College Gets Stylish Canopy for Their Net-zero Energy Library (Lumos, May 2018)

What Happens to Trash After it's Tossed? (, 3/28/18)

Offensive Email Sent to Colorado College Students, Staff Spurs Call to Action Against Racism (The Gazette, 3/23/18)

Old Misconduct Prompts Name Change for Colorado College Dorm (US News & World Report, 3/20/18)

Former College President's Degree Stripped Away 100 Years Later (CBS Denver, 3/20/18)

Colorado College Strips Dorm of Name, Citing Century-old Sexual Misconduct (The Denver Post, 3/20/18)

Old Misconduct Prompts Name Change for Colorado College Dorm (The Seattle Times, 3/20/18)

Misconduct Prompts Name Change for Colorado College Dorm (Coloradoan, 3/20/18)

Colorado College Strips Slocum Dorm of Name, Citing Century-old Sexual Misconduct (The Gazette, 3/19/18)

Colorado College's Own Harvey Weinstein (Inside Higher Ed, 3/15/18)

Colorado College Removes Former President's Name From Buildings (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/14/18)

CU Boulder Professor, Research Director to Become Provost at Colorado College (The Gazette, 3/8/18)

Chocolate Supplier Wins Colorado College Business Pitching Competition (The Gazette, 2/8/18)

Colorado College Teams Vying for $50,000 in Business Pitching Competition (The Gazette, 2/6/18)

Aspiring Colorado Teachers Learn the Ins and Outs of Rural Education with New Grant Funding (The Gazette, 2/5/18)

Some Elite Colleges Review an Application in 8 Minutes (or Less) (Wall Street Journal, 1/31/18)

Conservation in the West Poll Reveals Passion for the Outdoors (CBS Denver, 1/29/18)

Poll: Arizonans See Outdoor Recreation as Vital to State Economy (Arizona Public Media, 1/26/18)

State of the Rockies Poll Finds Coloradans Increasingly Worried About State's Water Future (Colorado Politics, 1/26/18)

Busting 11 Myths About Westerners and Conservation (Outside, 1/25/18)

Poll Finds Montanans Strong on Conservation, Split on Trump (Missoulian, 1/25/18)

Coloradans Love Their Public Lands, Poll Says, But Some Think National Monuments Harm the Local Economy (Denver Post, 1/25/18)

Colorado College Poll: More Support for Outdoors, Little for Trump's Policies (Colorado Politics, 1/25/18)

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