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Aficionados Speaker Series

Originating in 1984, The Hulbert Center Aficionados program is driven by a public interest in the American Southwest. The Aficionados welcome all who are eager to gain knowledge of the people, land, environment, arts, and anthropology that enrich this region. During each block at Colorado College, the Aficionados host a luncheon that includes a lecture by a speaker with expertise in an issue pertaining to the Southwest. While certainly not required, several Aficionados attendees are among the regular donors to Hulbert Center programs. All donations are tax exempt.

To make a reservation for any of the lunch lectures, please call (719) 389-6334 or e-mail

Reservations are required the Friday before each luncheon. To register for any of the lunch lectures, click on the corresponding link.

Admission: $5 No Cost to CC Gold Card Holders

Check-in starts at 11:45 a.m.

Space is limited to 100 registrants


2021-2022 COVID19 UPDATE

Dear Aficionados, friends, and colleagues

I regret to inform you that during 2021-22, due to the ongoing public health concerns related to COVID-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic, we cannot safely proceed with our usual in-person meetings and talks dedicated to learning from residents and experts of the Greater Southwest. This was not an easy decision for us at the Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies, but we must think about our collective audience, the precarity of a buffet lunch, and the concerns about social distancing for this next year.


We plan on developing a series of multimedia engagement opportunities during 2021-22 and we will try to keep everyone informed when these are publicly available.


We hope to carry on with a usual slate of speakers and events during the second half of the 2021-22 academic year, but to do so responsibly, with the latest medical and epidemiological evidence available. Until then, we value life, your safety, and our public trust responsibility to all Aficionados of the Southwest.


Yours, Santiago Guerra (Director of Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies)



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