Research Opportunities

Check the Faculty page for links to faculty webpages describing their research interests.

A. Mentored Research in Molecular Biology (MB209/399/498)

Students are encouraged to engage in supervised research through enrollment in Mentored Research in Molecular Biology. Projects are designed and supervised with the help of a faculty member whose expertise and interests are related to the project. Students should consult their academic advisor for guidance.

B. Senior Thesis in Molecular Biology (MB499)

Students planning profes­sional careers requiring research experience are encouraged to complete a senior thesis. Research performed during a Mentored Research in Molecular Biology block or research performed during the summer (at CC or elsewhere) may serve as the basis of a thesis. Students must sign-up for a full block of MB499 in the fall semester of the senior year. See section on Senior Thesis in the Majors' Handbook for details.

C. Research in Molecular Biology during the summer

Faculty in Molecular Biology often mentor students in their research labs during the summer months. Students working in research labs for a 10-week summer session may be eligible for a summer stipend and free housing on campus. Contact your academic advisor or a potential research advisor for information on how to become involved in summer research and secure a stipend and housing.

D. Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The National Science Foundation awards REU grants to universities, which in turn fund undergraduate research, mainly during summers. These typically provide room and board and a stipend for about 10 weeks. These are usually excellent quality programs, and a number of students have written senior theses based on REU experiences. Institutions award REU grants to students based on applications, which are due mostly in January and February. Search the web (

E. Department Opportunities - Not for Academic Credit:

The Department of Molecular Biology offers a tutoring program. Tutors are available to assist students in all core classes in the department. Students wishing to participate in the program can obtain the names and phone numbers of tutors either from flyers posted in their classroom or from the molecular biology paraprofessional. Those students needing to be tutored should keep in mind that finding an available tutor takes time and planning. The student must find a tutor who is available and the tutor must contact the paraprofessional in charge of the program before a tutoring session can be scheduled. Students who call a tutor the night before an exam should not expect to be tutored that evening. If you are worried about a particular class but are not positive that you will require the assistance of a tutor, call a few tutors to determine who will be available that block and will best fit your needs.

Students interested in earning some extra money, and who are interested in a teaching career or graduate school are encouraged to become a department tutor. For information on becoming a tutor please contact the molecular biology paraprofessional.

F.Interested in Molecular Biology Research?
Visit this link for more information:

NOTE: *All Students who work and receive wages from the Molecular Biology Department budget must fill out the proper form in the Financial Aid Office before they can be hired. Final selection of students for department jobs will be made by the Department of Molecular Biology.


Funding for Undergraduate Work and Research Opportunities

Aside from The Colorado College student aid program, there are other available funds for financial assistance in this department. Ask your advisor about funding to support your research, including stipends for summer work.

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