The Block Plan

Genetic cross strategy

The three and one-half week course style of the block plan at The Colorado College enables the Molecular Biology Department to design and to offer many classes and research opportunities that are not possible at schools with a traditional semester system.

The following aspects of our Biology program are just a sample of the curriculum uniqueness that is possible at Colorado College:

Small Class Size: The Colorado College Block Plan limits class sizes to a maximum of 25 students. As a result, even introductory biology courses have this modest class size. This allows each student to receive individual attention, and many classes do investigative projects, even at the introductory level.

Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, and pre-health: Students interested in molecular biology, genetics, and cell biology have access to a wide variety of modern equipment now used in today's scientific laboratories. Because this is a rapidly changing field of science, it can be difficult for professors to provide current information and laboratory experiments; however, our department has the equipment and faculty to stay up-to-date in providing students both. The classes usually consist of morning lectures with afternoon lab experiments. The equipment, techniques, and concepts covered in our Molecular Biology classes prepare undergraduates for many different fields, including the health professions.

Research opportunities: Possibly the greatest strength of our department is its ability to provide research experience to students who are interested and willing to do the extra work. All of the professors in the molecular biology department have ongoing research projects and welcome student involvement. Up to three research blocks are provided for interested students to perform research with the supervision of a professor. In addition, off-campus research credit can be given for research carried out at other institutions, but the project must be approved by the biology faculty here at CC beforehand. This opportunity provides an excellent experience for students interested in graduate school or those planning on becoming part of a research team after graduation.

For more information on specific classes be sure to check out the Molecular Biology Department Classes.

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