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Campus-Wide Committee on Summer Programming (CCSP)

The Campus-Wide Committee for Summer Programming (CCSP) was created in 2018 to refresh and operationalize plans for a nationally recognized summer program, as well as, inform the CC Community of strategic plan successes advanced in the summer. In the last five years, the activities and opportunities offered in the summer months have skyrocketed to include expanded course offerings, new student-faculty research opportunities, and greater financial support for student internships in the summer. All have contributed to supporting Recommendation #2 of the strategic plan and growing the vibrancy on-campus. Members of the CCSP represent the entire campus, which ensures organizational transparency and a cohesive understanding of how to utilize the summer months and advance departmental and institutional priorities.

The CCSP completed the first cross-campus account of summer activities, documenting each department's activities over the summer months along with key metrics that support the departmental and broader institutional priorities.

CCSP Overview & Actuals - 2017 & 2018

Once the committee reconvenes, the immediate goal will be to analyze the reported data, highlight gaps in student/faculty support, and propose recommendations that are informed and able to be operationalized. The CCSP welcomes any questions or suggestions, which can be directed to Jim Burke.

Below you will find many of the departments and units represented on the CCSP and supporting a dynamic summer term.

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Strategic Plan Goals


  • Offered two Half Block courses during Block B. Piloted allowing students to use ½ unit of their Wild Card and offering instruction in the evening
  • Expanded continuing education efforts - developed Bluegrass Workshop and Art as Literacy Workshop

In Progress

  • Developing introductory lab skills coursework to support expanded research opportunities