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New & Departing Staff

HR Welcomes New CC Staff!:

  • Dawn Petersen, Campus Safety Officer - Campus Safety
  • Heather Kelley, Career Coach - Career Center
  • Briana Walls, Career Coach - Career Center
  • Edwin Hamada, AVP of Residential Experience - Residential Experience
  • Richard Bennett, Associate Athletic Director - Athletics Administration
  • Amy Lewis, Administrative Assistant - Dean's Office

Best Wishes to Staff Leaving CC:

  • Ashley Somers, Finance Office
  • Zach Woflson, Film and New Media
  • Jeffery Owens, QUAD Fellowship
  • Kristen Love, Volunteer Leadership
  • Dillion Campbell, Athletics
  • Marissa Salazar, Admissions
  • Julianne Gavino, Fine Arts Center
  • John Lauer, Student Life
  • Denise Sheridan, Environmental Safety
  • Jeffrey Burst, Transportation
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