COVID-19 FAQs for Employees

Do I have to come to work if I'm concerned about COVID-19 for myself or because I care for a person who may be at higher risk, such as an elderly family member?
Normal operations resumed August 1, 2021. Employees should work with their supervisors to determine what that looks like. The incidence of COVID in our community is much lower than it was, vaccines are readily available, and the college is taking a range of mitigation efforts to keep campus safe.

How can I minimize my risk of getting COVID-19?
Follow the guidance of the CDC and medical professionals for direction on prevention. The primary ways to reduce your risk include social distancing (staying six feet away from others), frequent and thorough hand washing, and avoiding touching your face.

What do I do if I start feeling ill?

Stay home and get well. If you have COVID symptoms and go for a COVID test, you may log your missed time as Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEM). If you have used your PHEM leave bank you will need to log missed work time as sick, relief, or vacation leave on your timesheet/leave report in Banner SSB.

Does CC have any insurance agreements related to COVID-19 testing or treatment?

CC employees may be tested for COVID at the Student Health Center on Cascade on a walk-in basis.

CC’s health plan pays for COVID vaccinations and boosters at many locations with no deductible and no co-pay (like Walgreens, Safeway, King Soopers, etc.).  If you  become ill with COVID the plan provides coverage as it would for any other illness.

COVID testing kits are widely available over the counter and may be ordered from the federal government at:

What do I do if a coworker tells me that they came in contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19?
Encourage your coworker to read CC’s information at:

You should not ask your coworker health-related questions due to confidentiality and privacy laws. 

Is documentation required to return to work after recovering from illness?

Read the information on quarantine requirements and return to work at:

If not diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or you are returning to work after illness or injury unrelated to COVID-19, refer to the sick leave policy and your department procedures.

As a supervisor, what can I do to support my employees during this time?

We understand the strain and stress put on all employees during this unprecedented time. Our supervisors are also being asked to coordinate and operate in ways that they may not be comfortable, or trained, in managing. Please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources at with any questions you may have and/or support resources that you are seeking.

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