Photography Priorities

The college’s photographer's primary responsibility is to support institutional priorities through strategic communications and marketing projects, including websites and print publications with an emphasis on telling the story of Colorado College, differentiating the institution from other colleges, and elevating CC’s reputation.  

We prioritize major events, including Commencement, Honors Convocations, Homecoming and Family Weekend, events requested by the president, major student-centered events, and notable guests.

The Office of Communications and Marketing has limited resources and prioritizes our photography projects based on these guidelines, with Level 1 having the highest priority. Note that listings within each level are in no particular order unless there is a schedule conflict

Level 1 - photographed by the CC photographer and depending on the situation, student interns.

  • Admissions and recruitment photography
  • Alumni magazine assignments
  • Assignments from the Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Assignments from the president
  • High level portraits/headshots (cabinet members)
  • High-profile speakers (visiting dignitaries, commencement keynote)
  • Important one-time events like groundbreakings and dedications
  • Local, regional, or national news stories and major web page stories for media release by the Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Major recurring events (commencement, Convocation, Homecoming, etc.)
  • Unique situations that help differentiate CC or that increase academic reputation.

Level 2 - photographed by student interns or freelancers, the CC photographer is available as a backup when suitable to our core mission.

  • Conferences, symposiums, and other events
  • Events submitted by students.
  • Level 1 assignments that conflict with other Level 1 assignments
  • Non-high-profile Alumni and Advancement events
  • Speakers (except Level 1)

Level 3 - photographed by freelance photographers or student interns if they have availability.

  • Award ceremonies
  • Events not involving CC students, faculty, or alumni.
  • Faculty and staff portraits
  • Receptions

If your proposal is at level 2 or 3, or our schedules do not align, we can still help. The college photographer maintains a list of freelance photographers who have worked on campus, though it would be at your department’s expense. Please contact us for freelancer names and contact information. Student photographers can occasionally be assigned to cover your assignment depending upon availability.

Please complete our photo proposal form.

The D.A.M.

The office of communications maintains a large collection of photos taken over the years.

Current CC faculty and staff - if you'd like to browse the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for your project, here's how:

  • If you have a CC login, use the "Use SSO to log in" option to access the DAM.
  • Once you are logged in to the DAM, use the Search box to browse the collection.
  • If you'd like to request several photos, create a Collection and click "Request all" in the collection pane (at the bottom left).
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be approved.
  • If you have a student worker who needs access to the DAM, please email us with the student's name.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the DAM, please contact us.

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The Office of Communications and Marketing is located on the 4th floor of Spencer Center, at 830 N. Tejon St.

We can be reached via telephone at 719-389-6603 or via email at communications@​