Professor Guessous Discusses Her Research on Feminism In Postcolonial Morocco In Podcast Interview

Professor Nadia Guessous (Feminist and Gender Studies) was recently interviewed about her ongoing research on secular feminism in postcolonial Morocco as part of a podcast series on the anthropology of Islam called Haqq. In the interview, she describes the various intellectual and transnational genealogies that have contributed to her academic work and her ambivalent relationship to the field of her training (anthropology). She then provides a non-teleological account of secular feminism in the wake of the Islamic Revival in Morocco that highlights some of the conundrums, colonial legacies, and transnational forces that are constitutive of its contemporary politics. She ends by describing some new directions in her research on questions of memory and decolonizing subjectivity in Morocco.

Haqq (which means truth or justice in Arabic) is a podcast series that is part of the Ergo Studios and is aimed at widening public access to scholarly ideas and debates through interviews with academics. It also seeks to complicate the representation of Islam and Muslim communities in the wake of the war on terror.  

You can listen to the podcast episode here.

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