CC Education Prepares Rising Junior for Public Affairs Internship with Tallgrass Energy

 Grace Witulski '25 pictured in April 2023. Photo submitted by Witulski.
Grace Witulski '25 pictured in April 2023. Photo submitted by Witulski.

Grace Witulski ’25 cites her Colorado College education as a reason she was hired for a 12-week paid internship with Tallgrass Energy, an energy and infrastructure company with headquarters in Denver.

“CC definitely prepared me for this internship,” says Witulski, a Political Science major and Journalism minor. “Through taking different political science classes, I was able to develop stronger reading and writing skills that undoubtedly prepared me for this internship. The fast pace of the Block Plan also aided me in being able to work in the fast-paced environment of this specific position.”

As part of the internship, Witulski drafted briefings and research documents to present to the government affairs team. She also worked to compile data that measured engagement of stakeholders in relation to different initiatives of the company. She used lessons she learned from presentations in her CC classes to help present data to teams at Tallgrass Energy.

She also used communication and writing skills she learned at CC to enhance her collaboration with different agencies on local, state, and international levels.

After taking two years of political science classes, Witulski learned that careers in the political science field can be quite broad, and don’t necessarily have to be within the government or other typically thought of political science industries, such as law or politics. Realizing this allowed Witulski to expand her search for internships, which is how she found her specific position in public affairs.

Witulski’s schedule looked different each day, which allowed her to experience many parts of working at an energy company. One day she would work on a briefing and the next day she would work to create data spreadsheets and graphs.

Witulski, who serves as the secretary for the Colorado College Disability Alliance and is a member of the Colorado College Investment Club, hopes to intern with Tallgrass Energy again next year. She plans to continue using her political science classes at CC to prepare her for her future and to discover different potential career options.

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