The Department of Geology occupies space in Palmer Hall, built in 1901-1904, and the Russell T. Tutt Science Center, built in 2003. The department is home to an elaborate collection of state-of-the-art instrumentation for undergraduate student-faculty research. In addition, we consider the local geology to be our most important facility (along with the fleet of college vehicles that make it accessible to our classes). 



  • Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collections
  • Mineral Separation
    • rock crushing equipment
    • water table - JCR Zircon Separating Table Model 3 (2022)
    • heavy liquids - MEI
    • magnetic susceptibility separator - S.G. Frantz Model LB-1 with Model LFC-3 Low-Field Control (2023) 
  • Chemical Analysis
    • XRF - PANalytical Epsilon 4 (2022)
    • XRF - Bruker Tracer 5 (2023) shared with Chemistry
    • rock powdering equipment
    • XRF bead-making furnaces - Neoflux
    • XRD - PANalytical X'Pert PRO (2011) shared with Chemistry
  • Geophysical Measurements
    • Resistivity meter: IRIS Syscal Junior switch-48 with 24 electrodes
    • Magnetometer: GEM GSM-19GW Overhauser Gradiometer
    • Seismograph: Geometrics 12-channel Geode with 40 Hz vertical geophones
    • Gravimeter: TI Worden
  • Microscopy
    • SEM with EDS - JEOL 
    • Research petrographic microscopes, including both transmitted and reflected light scopes, a cathode-luminescence scope, and a fluid inclusions stage for analysis of rock thin sections
  • Field Survey & Mapping
    • Sedimentology/geomorphology lab equipped for physical and chemical analysis of sediments and soils
    • 2 Electronic total stations for high-precision field surveying and mapping
    • Field measurement and coring equipment for analysis and sampling of sediments and soils
  • Access to the GIS Lab and UAV/Drone Collection
  • Access to instrumentation housed in the Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Biology, and Physics Departments
  • Journals and Maps
    • Colorado College's Tutt Library and the William A. Fisher Geology Seminar Room house a good collection of geology journals. The library is a depository of U.S. Geological Survey publications and maps. Rapid inter-library loan service drawing on nearby facilities at the Air Force Academy, U.S.G.S., and the University of Colorado augment these holdings.
    • An additional resource is the expertise at the U.S.G.S. and at numerous gas, oil, mining, and related industries located in Denver.
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