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Global Exchange in Art: 15th to 20th Century

This art history course has a two-fold purpose. We will examine in depth particular case studies of art from diverse traditions from the 15th to the 20th century. In addition, we will consider exchanges between these traditions in still life, landscape, and figurative art. A number of the case studies will pertain to Europe, but we also will cover selected artists and art movements from China, Japan, and the Islamic world. Examples will include Renaissance art in relation to humanism, Jesuit art in the Far East, women artists in the Netherlands, the global circulation of Chinese bird-and-flower motifs, Dutch trade in blue and white ceramics, exchanges in garden design between China and the West in the 18th century, Romanticism and Orientalism, Impressionism and the Japanese print, and artistic responses to war in 20th century China and the West. 1 unit. (Not offered 2021-22).

1 unit

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