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History of Architecture

This course is a broad introduction to the built environment. We will consider monuments from humankind's earliest structures to contemporary buildings and their relationships to political, social, religious and economic systems as well as their building techniques and technology. While the architecture of the ancient Mediterranean, Europe and North America is the primary focus of the class, we will also examine selected examples of global architecture from the Americas, Asia and Africa. We will consider the changing role of the architect and the practice of architecture in the contemporary world including issues of sustainability and social justice. Students will learn to analyze buildings and consider the ways in which our architectural environment affects our lives. To that end we will critically evaluate the buildings of the Colorado College campus. There will also be field trips to experience recent architecture at the United States Air Force Academy and in the city of Denver. Meets the Writing in the Discipline requirement. (Not offered 2021-22).

Degree requirement — Writing in the Discipline

1 to 2 units

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